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Lumon - Creating Better balcony and terrace glazings

Creating better homes since 1978

Welcome to Lumon, to the balcony and terrace glazing company.
Our mission is to create better homes for our customers. Helping them to improve their outdoor living comfort by designing, manufacturing and installing functional, stylish and safe balcony glazings, terrace glass walls, glass curtains, glass roofs and sunshades & blinds.

Expand and Beautify Your Outdoor Living Space with our Balcony and Terrace Glazings

We help our customers to create smarter, safer and more resistant outdoor rooms and spaces. Balconies with life and terraces to live all day. Everyday. We create these flexible, protected outdoor spaces with our innovative system of frameless retractable balcony glazing systems, glass curtains, glass walls, sunrooms and terrace roofs. In addition, we’ve developed a high-quality line of custom-made sun-screens and blinds to complement these products.

Spend more time outdoors in comfort and style with our frameless balcony and terrace glazing systems, glass curtains, sunrooms and patios. Get protection from wind, rain, UV rays and dust with our glass curtains that are easy to use, low maintenance and beautiful! 

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Balcony Glazing Concept Creators

Market and customer demands have increased over the past decades. From aesthetics to functionality and from safety to energy savings. As the concept creators and pioneer of the industry, we have been able to rise to the challenge, tackle these issues and develop desirable, stylish, long-lasting, sustainable Lumon products which are easy and safe to use.

1 Million Balconies Sold
1 Million Stories Told

Here are just some of the reasons why house and apartment owners all around the world love our balcony and terrace glazings, glass curtains and sunrooms:

  • Beautifies outdoor space
  • Makes outdoor space more useable and comfortable
  • Protects from wind, rain, sun and other elements
  • Allows maximum natural light to flood in
  • Protects patio furniture from UV rays and turbulent weather
  • Constructed of highest quality materials
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Reduces noise significantly
  • Enhances resale value
  • Provides added safety for kids and pets

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