The easiest way to discover the best balcony enclosure option for your home is to book an appointment with one of our sales consultants by calling, emailing, or connecting with us through our website.

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These consultations are no obligation and free of charge. Our sales consultant will come to your home to measure your balcony, demonstrate the product, and discuss different options with you.

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Price for balcony glass

Because the balcony glass system is always tailored to your specific balcony, the price depends on many things. Asking for a free cost estimate and agreeing on the assessment visit will bring you much closer to your dream balcony.

Contact us through the link below and find your local sales consultant. We are pleased to be of service and help you in any way possible.

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We listen

Lumon consultants listen to customers and their wishes attentively. They know how make an offer in accordance with customer wishes on the basis of  their product knowledge and own experience. Lumon consultants will take up the baton completely. They know the balcony glass system as a product and production completely.

Our balcony glass system is CCMC-approved

All of our products are CCMC-approved, and our team will work closely with you to ensure that you get approval from your condo board. Most condo boards are primarily concerned that Lumon’s balcony enclosures will alter the look of the building, but the sleek, minimalistic style of our frameless glass ensures that the building façade will maintain its appearance. You can feel confident in the fact that over 4000 condo boards have already approved Lumon’s frameless retractable glass worldwide!

Once you’ve made the decision to add frameless retractable glass to your balcony, the glass will be custom-made at our production plant for your specific balcony measurements, and our installation team will come to your home by appointment to install your brand new solarium. The rest - furnishing, decorating, and enjoying your transformed balcony - is up to you!



The warranty for balcony glazing installations includes the repair of faults caused by material failures and manufacturing defects.  The warranty covers the necessary repair work complete with materials.

Warranty conditions

The warranty requires that the buyer and the seller have both accepted the delivery. If the buyer has not been present on the installation day but neither made a complaint within seven (7) days from the installation date, the delivery will be regarded as acceptable and the warranty period begins.

Warranty period

The warranty period for the installation work is two (2) years and the warranty period for balcony glazing material failures and manufacturing defects is five (5) years from the reception of the work result, or actual start-up.

Warranty restrictions

The warranty does not cover:

  • cleaning after hand-over of the work result or the actual start-up
  • actions taken after subsequent soiling of balcony glass panes and surrounding structures
  • break-up of glass panes due to faults other than manufacturing defects
  • break-up of glass panes due to erroneous use or mischief
  • adjustment, repair and replacement of spare parts due to normal wear and tear, negligent use by the customer or the resident, or non-compliance with the instructions for use
  • damage caused by the subsidence of structures, abnormal stress affecting glass panes, abrupt unexpected events or natural catastrophes affecting the product
  • alteration, repair or retrofitting actions completed without the manufacturer’s or reseller’s acceptance
  • accessories or separate supplementary structures
  • figures that may be visible on the surface of tempered glass panes. Do not stick any films to tempered safety glass panes, if films have been retrofitted on glass panes, Lumon will not be responsible for the damages or costs caused by the break-up or fall of the product. Tempered glass is made pursuant to EN 12150-1 and EN572-8