How to decorate your balcony for spring

Spring will come earlier if your balcony has been glazed

When your calendar shows that the spring months have finally arrived, it is time to plan how to do up the balcony space for the spring. If unglazed, the balcony might not yet be warm enough for you to spend your time there. If glazed, the balcony is a cozy and pleasant place, provided the weather is sunny and temperatures have risen up to 20°C or so. In bad weather, you don't need to fear that your decorative accessories get ruined, thanks to the glazing that protects against fickle weather conditions. The first thing now is to clean and service the glazing, to keep it in good condition. Take a look at our website for additional info about a safe and easy way of cleaning the glass panes.

Only a little effort is required from you to decorate your balcony so that you get a refreshing and welcoming place where to enjoy the scenery in spring. Please find below some tips on how to decorate your balcony or terrace. Change it into a comfortable place where you can spend time, while being well-prepared for the summer!

Some tips on how to decorate your glazed balcony

You may create an oriental atmosphere with a Moroccan-style table and cozy ottomans around it, if they fit in with the theme you have chosen. If the balcony has a cold concrete floor, without a wooden or composite decking, cover it with a nice rug for protection.

Should you want to spend time longer in a more wintry atmosphere, until the snow smelts away, throw some sheepskin rugs over the backs of your seating. Together with glass and aluminium, the soft sheepskin rugs will make the space immensely appealing and attractive. Pillows are great, and go together well with neutral sheepskin rugs, as they add colour to your glassy décor. The décor pillows are an affordable and easy way of changing the look of your glazed balcony.

Provide your balcony with the magic of springtime through a little gardening

A glazed balcony is always a couple of degrees warmer than an unglazed balcony. A glazed balcony enables you to include spring flowers earlier in your interior decoration. For example, daffodils will tolerate a certain amount of frost, and, thus, they can be planted in a balcony pot quite early. Pansies will be on sale after daffodils, and they also tolerate a couple of degrees of frost. After using ornamental conifers and heathers in winter, you may want to create a more cheerful atmosphere with a bunch of flowers of different colour. They will remind you of the fact that the summer is not far away.

Brighten up your balcony by placing a colourful rug on the floor! A beautiful pink rug is a real eye-catcher. Use other textiles to add strong colours to your glassy décor, or just keep their colours as neutral as possible, to provide your balcony with a peaceful general appearance.

Here’s a tip for you!

When the candle season is over in spring, don’t take away the patio lanterns. The lanterns of different style and size are an ideal place for flowers. The photo above shows how small pansies have been put inside the maritime lanterns. Hydrangeas (photo above) are gorgeous pot plants and suitable for a terrace or balcony. However, be careful not to leave them on the terrace or balcony in cold weather, as hydrangeas are not very cold resistant.

Add elegance and accessorise your balcony or terrace table with an elaborate and smashing flower arrangement. You may change the flowers, as often as you wish, or according to their seasonal availability. If the flower arrangement contains planted flowers, instead of cut ones, it will last longer, provided that you take good care of them. A nice little detail is to match up your pillow cases with the colours of the flowers on the table.