Safety at Lumon

Safety is a crucial part of Lumon’s values as a construction company. Our goal is to have zero accidents. We work towards achieving it by continuously developing our personell and processes, working together with our partners, and actively communicating with users about the safe use of our products.

Safety is an important issue

Lumon's vision is to be the best and most desirable. To be the best and most desired requires taking responsibility for safety, wellbeing, and health issues. Lumon Group's safety is designed to prevent injuries and accidents as well as preventing losing health. The goal is to prevent people, assets, or our reputation from being damaged.

In our installation, production, and other activities, undesirable events may occur. These events might happen if we do not ensure our safety on a daily basis. We emphasize preventive actions when it somes to matters that concern safety, health, and well-being, and they are part of the annual operations planning. We pay attention to a safe work environment and develop it continuously with our personell. We have created security manuals and guidelines, in which we explain more closely about the safety and risks at Lumon.

Safety work belongs to everyone

Safety work is based on safe working conditions, the support of safe working practices, and increasing security awareness. Anticipation is most successful when safety and health concerns are taken into account well in advance. Successful safety work requires knowledge, skill, desire and thought, as well as planning, goals, monitoring and continuous improvements of safety. Lumon Group's principles of safety is that each and everyone understands his or hers own safety responsibilities. The responsibility for ensuring the safety of daily work is divided between management, supervisors, workers, safety officers and the occupational safety and health organization.

We emphasize that our employees will always wear safety equipment and work safely. We do not allow neglect in safety issues, and we do not accept risk-taking. Everyone has an obligation to make safety observations and eliminate the risks at sites.

Lumon Group's operations in Finland are certified to the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSH). The Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSH) system is used to manage OSH risks and improve the level of OSH activities. The OSH system brings a holistic approach and goal-oriented treatment of OSH and incorporates occupational health and safety issues into everyday activities.


• A safe and comfortable workplace
• Reduction of work-related accidents (an accident-free workplace by year 2020)
• Sick leave to remain at a good level
• How to avoid damage and accidents through training