Creating added property value

Wintergardens vs. open balconies

How do wintergardens add up value of apartments or the whole property?

Having worked three decades in the business of developing, manufacturing and supplying wintergarden systems in Europe and beyond, we at Lumon have long learnt to know how people living in apartments with wintergardens really appreciate what they have. The wintergarden means a pleasant extra semi-living space to them, which is something so much more than an open balcony can offer.

However, we wanted to take another step further to better understand how this added value is actually appreciated and how it relates to local apartments values. To do that, we hired an independent research agency to run a study on this in number of Central European countries. The results were quite remarkable. See below an extract from the research report, showing how much a glazed balconies (wintergardens) would increase apartment value according to interviewed residents, or potential buyers of an apartment.

Added property value


Obviously the greatly increased value of the apartment is based on the fact that wintergarden offers the residents a unique sheltered space where to spend time at any weather, but which can very easily be fully opened up when so desired.