The new Lumon glass processing plant has begun to operate and the 16 million euro investment programme has been brought to a conclusion

With a plant extension of 4,600 m2, Lumon is ready to satisfy the ever increasing demand for glazing products. The new plant will employ seven clerical employees and 40 workers. The recently completed glass processing unit is to be supplemented with a million euro extra investment, when the installation of the new silk-screen printing machine line begins next spring.

“The aim of the investments is to enable us to develop our international business operations. The new glass processing unit allows us to guarantee that our capacity is sufficient for the needs of our country organisations and our automation solutions ensure that our production is running efficiently. We have invested in Kouvola, because there are professional, engaged and skilful workers available for our needs in the area and they know how to use our special field machines,” says Jussi Kinnunen, CEO at Lumon.


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“Above all, our need to use the new silk-screen printing technology is based on the needs of customers and the expectations of architects, in particular. The length of the production line totals 35 metres and it is installed in the new glass processing plant. The investment in our own silk-screen printing machine was made to ensure both the quality and the high level of our delivery reliability. In the silk-screen printing technology, the glass surface is covered with patterns that are painted with enamel paint. The technology allows us to produce less glass-like facades, as the glass surface can be painted so that the balustrade glazing looks like a plate. Another advantage is that we can conform to the national durability requirements that have been set for the plate structures of new balustrades. We believe that the balustrade type that has been finished by using the printing technology will replace the plate balustrade in the future,” says Mikko Hilliaho, Country Manager at Lumon Suomi Oy.

The investments that have been made over the past three years total around EUR 25 million. The previous 9 million euro investments that were made in 2016 and 2017 were also spent for new production facilities, premises and machines, both in Kouvola and Kempele. Visor Oy, the Lumon subsidiary, is located in Kempele. It makes shades for terrace and balcony glazing solutions and pleated blinds for windows.