The major construction project Pasila Tripla has greatly benefitted from the design assistance that Lumon has provided

The Pasila Tripla project in Helsinki is a major construction project that has been completed by YIT Corporation. It consists of more than 400 apartments. The project lasted for about 3.5 years. The multidimensional balcony facade at Tripla covers the entire exterior wall length. The balconies were provided with a combination of integrated Lumon balcony and balustrade glazing systems. All in all, Lumon delivered about 7.400 pieces of glass in its products for the facade, which totals around 6.800 square metres. Tripla was awarded a prize by the Finnish Association of Flat Glass as the glass structure of the year 2020.


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Product solutions are searched together with the customer

“According to designers, the structure must be well-defined and simple. The number of additional parts, like fasteners, must be as limited as possible. The details must be well-reasoned. It is best to keep the structure as simple as possible,” sums up Architect Matti Linko from Architects Soini & Horto. He acted as the chief designer of the Tripla apartment object. According to Linko, the facade of the object consists of balconies that extend over the entire apartment length. The goal was to provide the balconies with a simple and well-reasoned appearance. The Lumon balustrade solution with no rail posts made it possible to put the plans into practice: “We held several meetings with a representative from the design department of Lumon. Lumon prepared implementation drawings on the basis of the meetings and delivered them to us,” recalls Linko. According to him, the trend is nowadays to design glass balcony walls that cover the entire building facade, and, thus, the balcony balustrade with no rail posts has become more like a must.

Janne Salin, Head of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) at YIT, participated in the Tripla project right from the start. He was responsible for on-site use of data models that were made by designers. The data model software helps designers in the planning of the object. “The architect of the object used the Lumon object libraries to make the design work easy and more efficient,” Salin says and continues: “In retrospect, it would have been more difficult to complete the project, but the controlled design environment and the data models were of great help.”


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YIT and Lumon have worked in a close cooperation at Tripla, as for the balcony and balustrade glazing systems. “The glass balcony facade of Tripla was implemented with a combination of integrated Lumon glass balcony and balustrade systems. The object was completed by four installers alone, thanks to our efficient installation process. The implementation method of the balustrades at Tripla shows our new product development innovation that makes it possible to use a solution with no rail posts also in complex balconies. The successful end result of the Tripla project was attained through a seamless cooperation that involved our own project business personnel, the orderer of the object and the designers,” says Risto Kivioja, Chief Development Officer at Lumon Oy.