Lumon Cares

Environmental responsibility

Lumon creates living comfort for the future. Lumon products enable customers to stay closer to nature and environment on their balconies and verandas. We want to Lumon environmenttreasure our common environment, and produce long-lasting products made of recyclable, sustainable materials, such as glass and aluminum.

Respect for the environment is essential for our corporate philosophy and visible at all corporate departments: R&D, production, assembly, administration. We make full use of recycled materials and also recycle them ourselves. Durability and recyclability are central factors in our product design, together with such basic matters as usability, appearance and safety.

Thanks to latest generation software programs and sophisticated robots, we can minimize production offcut, sort the surplus, and deliver it to recycling centers. New Lumon packages enable us to optimize the load size and reduce transportation needs, which results in decreased fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, we use chrome-free paints for the painting of aluminum profiles. As terrace glazing reduces the heating need, the apartment owners can save energy and eventually reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Lumon environment