In case you must visualise something that does not yet exist – Virtual tools help users track down new possibilities instantaneously

Our senses allow us to assimilate information from the environment. We may perceive distances and how much space and light there is around us, only by looking around. We can hear what happens close to us and far away: how rain falls down on the roof above or how the city around becomes full of life. Our senses help us understand and reach a decision.
Besides senses, some of us have a phenomenal gift of visualising reality without actually seeing anything tangible. This applies to the work of construction engineers, for example. They can imagine the size of the space from the floor plan and know, right away, whether the furniture fits in. And architects know how light will enter through windows at different times of the day, only by closing their eyes and visualising the space around them.

Our senses and ability to perceive are of vital importance when we look at the space around us. Our job at Sweco is to listen to customer wishes and design, not only quality and durable solutions that suit customer needs, but also entire living environments that customers find pleasant to live in.

However, the amount of information presently available is often huge. We must assimilate a great deal of new details in next to no time, and, then, provide feedback to designers without delay.

The need to see solutions with the eyes has greatly boosted the development of digital tools

To improve the quality of products and the productivity of design, we at Sweco have, already for decades, focused on developing building information modelling solutions for our different operating sectors. Taking the latest technological developments into account, Sweco has created new, more efficient ways of communication, which fit in with our natural habit of understanding the world around us. The building information modelling and highly sophisticated tools for using the BIM solutions have changed our ways of communicating with each other. These possibilities enable Sweco to produce excellent virtual services for the construction sector as well.

Now in the 2020s, a breakthrough is finally visible, thanks to the rapid technological developments and the increased preparedness of companies to make full use of them. The benefits of BIM-based communication solutions are presently made available to all of us.  

Lumon wants to use virtual tools to enhance its marketing opportunities

It was a lucky coincidence that we at Sweco happened to attend the same seminar with Lumon. Lumon had faced a typical challenge that relates to selling solutions on a global scale: how to find an easy and quick way of telling about the solutions made by Lumon and their advantages also to customers, who have never even heard of the balcony glazing?

Lumon employees were open-mindedly ready to use Sweco's VirtualSite™ service and the VR headset at their stand. The first impressions were positive. Visitors to the Lumon stand had an opportunity to put the VR headset on to compare the properties of an unglazed balcony with those of a balcony that had been provided with Lumon glazing solutions. They could see how easy it is to open the balcony glass panes/sun shades and enjoy the lake view in front of the balcony (the aerial images had been captured by a drone). They could also visualise the effect of rain on the balcony glazing.
The exceptional conditions stemming from past spring have, in no time, changed the operating methods applied by sales and marketing employees. Therefore, the tools must be developed accordingly. Sweco has already created a virtual model to Lumon for trade fair use. Lumon now continues to make full use of the virtual model via our SmartDrawings™ service. It makes it possible to use the building information models with any computer or mobile device, without additional programs, through an ordinary Internet browser.

One model can be used for several purposes. At first, Lumon used 360-degree panoramic images for marketing purposes. The model is now available for many more users through the Lumon web pages. The next step is to make use of such marketing videos that are based on the VirtualSite model.

Our excellent tools boost operations and can be used for many purposes

It is interesting to monitor the development of productivity in the construction sector, when the communication between various players is upgraded with new, more sophisticated tools and methods. The competition that relates to catching the attention of potential customers through electronic channels is becoming more and more fierce. Your own message must be transmitted ever more swiftly and easily. It is great to note that our customer, Lumon, is ahead of the game in its operations.

Sami Typpö Sweco
Sami Typpö
Director, Customer Relations, Sweco
Sami Typpö is a construction engineer who is interested in various technological developments and eager to fulfill the needs of customers. He has gained plenty of prior experience in the construction product industry. He is open to opportunities provided by new technological solutions. “You must be able to settle into the position of service users and figure out the measurable values that can be delivered to various parties through virtual services.”