Maximizing production and minimizing energy spend

The northern side of the globe is currently having the coldest time of the year while trying to minimize energy consumption. Lumon is no exception what comes to saving energy as we manufacture our products in three different glazing factories in Finland, Spain, and Canada. However, we are doing our best to minimize the use of energy while still maintaining high level of work safety as well as quality for our products.  

There are of course differences between our production plants when talking about energy saving depending on for example their location. Therefore, also the actions taken to reduce the use of energy vary. Nevertheless, here we have a few examples how we have tackled the challenges while making our best in providing more room for life for our customers.  

Taking the optimization of processes even further  

Lumon’s production processes have always been highly optimized and calculated. However, during the energy crisis our talented production workers have taken optimization even further and we have been able to gain energy savings with more enhanced machinery usage. We are also constantly investigating how to make the current machinery more energy efficient overall. This is done in close collaboration with the suppliers while making sure that the investment bares fruit long for the future and helps us to minimize our CO2 footprint.  

Maximizing production and minimizing energy spend

In Finland at Kouvola production facilities we have lowered the room temperature in factories. Also, the lighting has been adjusted in places where it’s safe to do without compromising on occupational safety. In wintertime the factory’s outdoor concrete slab floors have had heating system to help any snow and ice from thawing. This winter the heating has been turned off in places where it has been possible, and the floors have been kept clear by shoveling the snow and ice. Again, making sure that it is a safe thing to do.  

In the future solar energy will play a significant role in the Antequera factory  

Our newest production plant has just been taken into use in Antequera, Spain. In Spain, the winter is not a challenge as the weather is basically warm and sunny all year round. An investment decision has been made to cover the whole roof area of the factory with solar panels and, in the future, they will produce a significant amount of the factory’s energy need. Increasing the use of renewable energy further enables us to cut down our own CO2 emissions.   


While these are just some examples of the actions that we have taken to diminish the energy consumption in production, we have encouraged our employees across the organization to think ways that we can all collaborate in energy saving and encourage them to participate in energy-saving initiatives. We all need to think these matters in our personal life so why not apply them in the corporate world as well.  

Maximizing production and minimizing energy spend
Jouni Hilliaho
Vice President Production, Lumon Group