The Lumon Product Family

As many as over million Lumon customers have so far benefitted from advantages that result from their eagerness to provide their balconies with glass panes. They have enjoyed their stay in a sheltered outside place that is part of their apartments. Their balconies have been equipped with Lumon balcony glazing solutions, and they probably have Lumon glass balustrades, as well. They are contemplating buying blinds for the glass panes or balustrades, or have already bought them, to get protection against the excessive heat of the sun and to improve privacy. Customers have also often found it necessary to provide their balconies with a thermo carpet and terrace heater that have been bought from the Lumon online store.

Lumon Product family


Many of our customers have got used to the benefits offered by the balcony glazing systems in a multistorey building. After moving to terraced or detached houses, they have wanted a similar space there as well, and, thus, retrofitted their terrace with glass panes. If their terraces has a roof and a floor, it is easy to furnish terrace openings with sliding or inwards opening terrace glass elements. If there is no terrace available, or if it is too small, it is possible to order a sunroom from Lumon. It consists of an aluminium frame and a glass roofing. The terrace walls must be selected from among products that best suit the object. The terrace openings that are flush with the ground are normally provided with sliding or opening terrace glazing elements. If the terrace is located higher above the ground, it is equipped with a glass balustrade. The glazing elements that can be opened will be mounted on the balustrade. It is advisable to provide the ready-made terrace with blinds and LED lighting fixtures that are integrated with the roof beams.

I am one of the happy Lumon customers, as I have used Lumon products for twenty years. As a student, I rented a flat from a multistorey building. Its facade and balconies had recently undergone a renovation. Furthermore, the balcony had been provided with a glazing product and glass balustrade that had been delivered by Lumon. I got rapidly used to enjoying the benefits of the glazing. When I moved to the next flat, my first action was to order a glazing system for the balcony. I have now lived in a detached house for the past ten years and benefitted from a glass terrace that has been complemented with blinds.

As a product developer, I have heard customer stories about Lumon products and how customers have made use of their own glazed spaces. I have used these feedback stories and my own customer experiences as a basis when developing balcony and terrace glazing product families for Lumon.

Lumon Product family


Lumon Esa Hilliaho
Esa Hilliaho
Product Development Engineer, Lumon Oy
The writer has been involved in the product development work at Lumon for 15 years. He is eager to improve matters both in the workplace and during his leisure activities.