In addition to providing a convenient way to add space to your home, our retractable glass sunrooms and solariums offer many other benefits. 

Expands living space

A glass terrace is a new dimension to your home. A new living space that opens to the beautiful weather, outdoor space, and closes with a secluded mode in rain and wind.

A glass terrace can serve even a large number of diners and functions well as a place to hold festivities. Keep in mind, however, that a glazed in terrace is an outdoor space, use furniture and decor that is moisture-resistant. The glazed terrace is also an ideal place to pre-grow summer flowers and take care of your kitchen garden. The enclosed terrace gives totally new possibilities for you to improve your housing conditions and living comfort – to increase ambiance and flair on the terrace.

In cooler months, the glass traps the heat from the sun, contributing to the warmth in your home. And, of course, because the glass in our sunrooms is fully retractable, you can slide and fold the glass open at any time for fresh air and sunshine during the warmer months.

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Added safety

A closed and locked terrace is a safe place for children to play and is a favorite. Even parents feel comfortable with the kids on the terrace.

Whether you have a cat, poodle or guinea pig, an enclosed glass terrace or balcony offers a nice outdoor space for even the most sensitive pets. Glazing keeps your pet on the balcony, but they can still enjoy the outdoors and get stimulated by their environment safely. Safety glass and the option of locking the balcony provide additional security.

Safety glass and the option of locking the door provide additional security for housing. A glazed terrace can store bikes and sports gear safely. The glassed-in terrace also protects the house facade and saves heating energy.


A glazed terrace protects

Our frameless retractable glass keeps rain, snow, wind, dust, and birds away from your outdoor living space without reducing the amount of sunshine that you receive. This protection means less time and money spent on patio repairs and new outdoor furniture.

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