Lumon customizes each glass terrace with pre-designed standard elements to fit in your home: terrace roof and body, with or without framed patio doors, balcony glass system and railings. Combined, these give you endless creative solutions to add space.

Glass walls

The easiest way to get a glass terrace is to install Lumon glass wall elements to an already covered terrace. Sliding frameless or framed glass elements will transform your porch into a glass terrace. The end result is an elegant glass-enclosed terrace.

Frameless retractable terrace glass

Our frameless retractable patio glass is our most stunning and elegant terrace option, with floor-to-ceiling glass that gives you a completely unobstructed view.

Two horizontal aluminum profiles mount into the ceiling, and a low-profile track runs along the ground. Tempered glass panes measuring 8, 10, or 12mm thick are fastened to these profiles. Like our frameless retractable balcony glass, these panes can withstand winds up to 300 km/h, yet they remain lightweight and easy to slide and fold. This sunroom can also come with retractable screens.

With smooth profiles and striking design details, this stylish option is ideal for ground floor sunrooms and solariums.

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Sliding terrace glass

Our sliding glass sunroom is our newest product. This sunroom is our most cost-effective option. The glass panes slides open along a series of tracks without folding out. Tempered glass panes measuring 6, 8, or 10mm thick are fastened to profiles on the ceiling and the floor. The glass panes feature a small frame, leaving no gaps between the panes.

Like the Retractable terrace glass, the Sliding terrace glass is an ideal sunroom option for ground floor applications.

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Glass terrace

The Lumon glass terrace is installed on the foundation made by the customer. The terrace has an aluminum body, glass element walls and glass roof. The glass terrace forms a single, integrated package.

By choosing the right color of the aluminium body the terrace will fit perfectly with the architecture of the house. The glass terrace can also be applied to wood-aluminum body, the vertical pillars and horizontal roof bars are wooden. It is also possible to use colored, sandblasted, or other special glasses for increased privacy. All glasses used are safety glass.

An extra benefit are the stylish shades which can be installed to the sliding glass elements and roof. The shades can be altered to adjust room temperature and allow more privacy. Read more abour our shades »

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Glass roof

These patio covers can withstand extreme weather conditions while giving your backyard that stunning wow factor.In cooler weather, the glass cover traps the sun’s heat, making it feel like summer all year round on your patio. In hot weather, our accordion-style ceiling blinds shade your patio while still letting in natural light.

The sturdy aluminium structure with integrated glass roof and optional shading unit combine to give you effective weather protection. All glasses used are safety glass.

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