Our frameless retractable glass is easy to use, which is one of the many great things about it.

How to use the Lumon glass terrace

The terrace glass panels open easily with a typical door handle. Once this has been opened, the glass slides easily to fold against the wall. All of the glass panes can be turned aside, or some can be left open for partial protection.

When all of the panes have been turned aside, they can be locked to prevent them from moving and clattering in the wind. Delivery includes a mounting tape that fastens to the wall. When the panes are open, put the tape inside the innermost strip of the last-opened pane. Tighten it by pulling to make sure that the panes are securely fastened.

A key lock is also available as an accessory to the handle. The lock provides additional safety for families with children, for example.

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Watch how the Lumon frameless glass terrace works

Watch how the Lumon framed glass terrace works

Decorating the glass terrace

A glass terrace is an additional room for your home, and you can decorate the terrace the way you want. A cosy terrace is an excellent place for relaxation.

When you furnish the terrace, remember that more is required of the furniture than of ordinary living room furniture. The temperature on a glass terrace changes quite a bit depending on the season and even the time of day. This also causes the humidity to change on the terrace. Soft materials, especially, are susceptible to mould on a glass terrace unless attention is paid to this problem in advance. Furniture that will be kept on a glass terrace for longer periods of time should be treated with a moisture-proofing substance, or humidity should be taken into account when selecting the materials.

Decorative plants

A glass terrace is an excellent place to grow decorative plants. Just remember that the temperature on the terrace varies quite a bit and the plants should be chosen accordingly. The temperature on the glass terrace is always higher than the outdoor temperature. The sun warms the glass terrace quite quickly, if all glass panes are closed. The glass terrace also cools down quickly, when the weather gets colder or the sun moves away.

Glass terraces are excellent for germinating plants, and some people have even created entire summer gardens on their terrace. The plants grown on a glass terrace should be able to withstand some changes in temperature and humidity. As a rule of thumb, the temperature on a shaded glass terrace is on average 10 degrees higher than outside the terrace.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • Use ordinary domestic detergents to clean the glass terrace
  • Avoid sharp objects or materials that could scratch the surface
  • The glass elements should be washed using up and down movements and, at the bottom part of the window, horizontal movements
  • Finish off the glass elements with a squeegee
  • Wipe the aluminium parts with a damp cloth
  • Use a mild solution of a domestic detergent for the aluminium parts
  • Vacuum the bottom grooves regularly, this way the sliding doors will slide smoothly and be easy to use