Balcony and terrace shades

The pleated sun-protection shades by Lumon help you keep the heat of the sun off the balcony or terrace, cool it off and ensure privacy when required.

Each shade is separately integrated with each glass pane and move together with it. Each shade is steplessly openable and lockable from its upper or lower edge. The shade can also be locked to mid position. When pulled up entirely, the shades are almost invisible.

The morning sun, hot weather at noon, privacy in the evening: these are kept under control with Lumon sun-protection shades. Every moment on your dream balcony can be agreeable and pleasant.

The sun-protection shades are available for these Lumon products

  • balcony glass system
  • glass railing
  • glass terrace
  • glass roof

How to order sun-protection shades?

The pleated sun-protection shades by Lumon can only be ordered in connection with ordering Lumon balcony glass system, glass railing, glass terrace or glass roof.

The Lumon shades are always cut to fit in with pane-specific dimensions. Our sales consultant is ready to present the different models available. The pleated sun-protection shades by Lumon will make your balcony cozier and more comfortable than ever, without forgetting elegance.

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Balcony shades

With the Lumon balcony shades you make a glazed balcony more enjoyable. With the sun-protection shades you can adjust the amount of light and visibility from the outside to the inside. The shades backside fabric is of thin metallic film which reflects the balcony's incoming solar radiation effectively and protects your apartment from excessive heat.

Terrace shades

The sun-protection shades for the glass terrace protects from sun, heat and prying eyes, and helps to control the amount of light and temperature on the terrace.

Roof shades

Glass roof spaces are often unbearably hot during the summer. The Lumon sun-protection shades for glass roofs prevent excessive light from entering and keep the heat at bay. The shades are so light that you don't need to do any structural changes to the glazing. A single blind can be opened and closed from both ends.


Railing shades

The Lumon sun-protection shades can also be installed to the balconys' glass railing. They serve conveniently as screens and visual protection without losing the natural light from outside. These are also adjustable from top to bottom and vice versa.


Color options

You can choose tone and transparency in accordance with your interior decoration.

By clicking on the color option, you can watch a video of that color

Transparent gray      Non-transparent gray


Transparent white    Non-transparent white



Technical information

Shade materials are made of 100% polyester and are antistatic.

Transparent gray: R=42 % A=34 % P=24 %

Non-transparent gray: R=60 % A=20 % P=20 %

Transparent white: R=30 % A=4 % P=66 %

Non-transparent white: R=64 % A=4 % P=32 %

R = Reflection A = Light absorption P = Permeability