Frameless glass

Our systems have been designed to cover and protect your balcony with style. They are designed for years and years of dinners and nice moments. That´s why they have to be resistant. And they are.

Lumon balcony glazing consists of two horizontal aluminum profiles mounted on the ceiling, balustrade, or floor structures of the balcony. Frameless tempered glass panes are fastened to the profiles. These 6, 8, 10, or 12 mm thick panes are very easy to slide and fold. The first glass pane is opened by the lower latch and easy to lock for vent position. Other glass panes slide and fold easily. When the panes turn aside, the hinges interlock and thus enable you to open the glazing entirely. Inwards opening balcony glass units are easy to clean safely without a need to reach out from the balcony.

The Lumon systems are extremely resistant to wind and impacts. Lumon was the first company in Europe to get the CE-marking for its balcony glass systems.

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Retractable glass

Retractable glass means that our frameless retractable glass can be fully opened, the glass slides easily to fold against the wall and is easy to use.

The glass panels open easily with a handle that is similar to the handle of a car door. Once this has been opened, the glass slides easily to fold against the wall. All of the glass panes can be turned aside, or some can be left open for partial protection. The inner and outer surfaces of the sliding and folding Lumon balcony glass panes are easy to clean safely from the inside of the balcony. When all of the glass panes have been turned aside, they can be locked to prevent them from moving and clattering in the wind.

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Types of balcony glass

Our Lumon balcony glass systems can be customized for almost any balcony, and there are several options for you to choose from. Most common applications:


Elegant aluminum profiles are mounted onto the ceiling and the top of the balcony railing. Tempered glass panes measuring 6, 8, or 10mm thick are fastened to the profiles. These panes can withstand winds up to 300 kph (see test results here>>>), yet they are lightweight and easy to slide and fold.

The panes fold inward, making the retractable glass easy to clean safely without having to reach out from the balcony.






Extending the glass system from floor to ceiling inside the railing. Aluminum profiles are mounted into the floor and the ceiling. Tempered glass panes measuring 8, 10, or 12mm thick are fastened to the profiles yet they remain lightweight and easy to fold. And like the Railing-to-floor solution retractable glass folds inward so that the glass is easy to clean safely.

Each retractable glass option comes with a warranty of two years on the installation work and a warranty of five years for all manufactured materials.

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Lumon is CCMC approved

Lumon is CCMC-approved, and we work together with you to ensure that you receive approval from your condo board as well. Our frameless retractable glass is the only balcony solution that keeps out wind, rain, and debris without permanently enclosing your balcony, so you can enjoy your transformed balcony without worrying about zoning restrictions.

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