Lumon opens the year strongly

Lumon significantly increased order volume during January-March 2017. Over the same time period, the company achieved an all-time sales record. The sales figures for Q1 for Lumon Group are 17 % higher than the previous year.

During the first quarter, sales for Lumon Group grew to 51 million Euros. The strong sales figures were especially influenced by successes in project sales in Finland, Sweden and Canada. Project sales includes b2b sales to housing companies and construction companies. Consumer sales also developed positively; over Q1 the order backlog for Lumon Group grew by 22 million Euros.

─ The strong increase in order volume indicates that our customers trust Lumon. We have succeeded in building a trustworthy image. This has required each Lumon employee to work according to our values: we are close to the customer, we keep our promises and we build the future, says Lumon CEO Jussi Kinnunen.

Lumon aims to continue on a path of strong growth and profitability. The target for 2020 is to nearly double turnover to 200 million Euros from the current 120 million. The goal for the ongoing year is to reach a turnover of 140 million Euros.

─ We estimate that this year half of our revenue will come from exports. We are strongly focused on internationalization; we have just opened a new subsidiary company in Denmark and are negotiating new sales offices around Europe, says Kinnunen.