Lumon has founded a new subsidiary in Denmark

Lumon has opened a subsidiary company in Denmark. Lumon Danmark ApS is part of the Lumon growth strategy which aims to double turnover by 2020. Denmark is also the pilot country for a new showroom concept.

─ We have had great success in Sweden and Norway and we see excellent business opportunities also in Denmark. Our new subsidiary strengthens our position in the whole Scandinavian market. Sweden, Norway and Denmark combined make up almost one fifth of Lumon’s total turnover, says Lumon CEO Jussi Kinnunen.

In Denmark, Lumon offers an architecturally lighter balcony and terrace glazing than which has been common in the country. With this distinguishing feature, we hope to gain ground both in the consumer market and the new construction and renovation industries. Before the founding of Lumon Danmark, Lumon has operated in Denmark through resellers. Now we are focusing on own offices and a showroom for displaying our products.

─ We are piloting a new concept in Denmark by situating our showroom within a mall which is open through the week. In this way, it is easy for customers to see and acquaint themselves with Lumon products independently and outside traditional office hours, explains VP Risto Kivioja.