The European leader in the balcony and patio glazing market has arrived on the North American continent

Lumon, the creator of a success story in the European balcony and patio glazing market, is expanding its operations into Canada. The success of the Lumon balcony and terrace enclosures is based on superior quality products to improve living comfort.  Lumon has a 30 year global presence, exporting its products to over 20 different countries and employing more than 675 employees, producing annual sales of around $100 million.  Specializing in glass and aluminum constructions, Lumon is the leading supplier in the European balcony and terrace market. Lumon North America, a subsidiary of the Lumon Group, has been established in Cookstown, Ontario from where the operations are set to serve North American consumers.

Lumon realized due to the Finnish winds and cold environment that balconies were rarely used and clients largely viewed them as wasted space, for which they paid for in vain. Many condo and residential home owners had been looking for a solution for enclosing their balconies and patios. To meet these demands, Lumon developed their product, a completely retractable balcony glazing system, facilitating balcony enhancement to meet client needs.

Hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers have made Lumon glazing systems the market leader. The clean, frameless, aesthetically pleasing Scandinavian design of Lumon glazing combined with great functionality creates the perfect solution for people who desire additional comfort and convenience to their outdoor living which also adapts to changes in their lifestyle. Other applications include interior space division in restaurants, offices and lofts when privacy is desired, yet when added space is required the glass wall can be fully retracted.

The obvious cost savings resulting from balcony glazing, contributing to reduction in both energy consumption and building restoration work, have been confirmed by university studies and technical research. Balcony glazing interior temperatures increase up to 1.5-2.5C.  Energy savings of up to 10.7% have been recorded in the studies at Tampere University of Technology. Corrosion of reinforcing elements slowed by one third in the walls and one half in the ceilings of the balconies. Concrete deterioration stopped completely in the protected areas.

The stable Canadian political and financial situation provides great opportunities to develop a remarkable employer and bring enjoyment to Canadians. “The North American market is huge and Toronto as the condo capital of North America is a good starting point.  Our green product, modern design, added living space, high-quality and user-friendly system together with the great market potential is a good combination for success in Canada and also in the USA”, says Olli Vanska CEO of Lumon North America.