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Balconies where life happens.
Multifunction terraces.
Elegant, modern and functional balcony facades.

We help our customers to create smarter, safer and more resistant outdoor rooms and spaces. Balconies with life and terraces to live day to day. Everyday. We create these flexible, protected outdoor spaces with our innovative system of frameless retractable balcony glazing systems and glass walls, terrace roofs and balcony railings. In addition, we’ve developed a high-quality line of custom-made sun-screens and blinds to complement these products.

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Lumon - More room for life

40 years of experience in helping homeowners, architects, developers, property managers, and business owners conceive and implement innovative and beautiful solutions to extend the outdoor season. In that time, we’ve served over 1 million of customers from our headquarters in Finland and through Lumon partners and subsidiaries around the globe.



Million balconies Lumon

Lumon balcony glassThe Balcony. The best place at home.

We can not make your balcony bigger by magic, but we can do magic to make the most of the space you have. Because your balcony is exactly that. Yours.

A “room” with a view.
Put a rocking chair on your balcony and experience how relaxing it is to get away from it all by just coming home. Watch the streets in full swing outside, but feel totally relaxed indoors.

Balcony Glass

Lumon terrace glassThe Terrace. A hideaway, not far away.

In all homes, big or small, sometimes you need to be on your own for a while – to drift away from everything, but still stay close. Your covered patio with glass walls, can create such calm little islands for 30-minute everyday vacations.

It’s not exactly nature, but it’s just as calm. Only more comfortable.

Terrace Glass Walls


Lumon balcony glass blindsOne bright idea deserves another. The Blinds.

We designed the most bright balcony glazing products ever. But sometimes you want them to be less bright. That´s why we created the smart blinds that integrates seamlessly to our glazing products.

The morning sun, hot weather at noon, privacy in the evening: these are kept under control with Lumon sun-protection shades.

Screens and blinds

Lumon Balcony facadeThe facade of the building. The face of the building.

Lumon´s Modern Scandinavian design unites functionality and elegance.
So it's nice. And safe. And full of great ideas. All in one. 
We recognize that the building facade is the most prominent part of the building, the face of the building. That´s why we offer versatile building facade solutions to suit all needs. We know that every facade project is unique, so our sales consultants work with you and your architects to ensure that our building facade solutions will fit with your building’s unique look and style.

Balcony Facades

Environmentally friendly design.

We approach environmental responsibility through our products. That’s why Lumon products are designed to be energy efficient, free of many toxins, and highly recyclable, like aluminium and glass.

Read more about coporate responsibility on the environment, worklife and society:

Corporate responsibility