We want to be a responsible and trustworthy employer for our employees. We believe that the talent development of our staff, focus in working safety, ensuring employee satisfaction, and support of employee wellbeing create the basis for sustainability and providing the best service for our customers. We want to also support students in the beginning phases of their careers, offering internship and thesis opportunities. Our goal is to have one trainee or intern per every ten new hire.

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Knowledgeable staff

The cornerstone for our knowledgeable staff is providing a thorough onboarding. Our managers plan for the onboarding of new employees already in the recruitment phase, according to our onboarding model. The success of onboarding is monitored through consistent feedback discussions.

We provide versatile training to support personal and professional growth. Trainings include internships, various certifications, product training, and language training. One of the topics of discussion in yearly one-on-one meetings with supervisors, the employee and supervisor think about development and training needs and desires, with HR supporting these decisions when needed. Skill development can also come in the form of learning at work, mentoring a new employee, or voluntary self-education.

Lumon Worklife Knowledgeable staff

Development of working safety

Our goal is that every Lumon employee comes to work healthy, and can return home feeling the same way. We take preventative measures in safety by conducting safety walks on work sites and production facilities, by keeping safety on the agenda of team meetings, and by learning from past incidents. Safety observations are a part of our everyday responsibility, as well as the reporting of close-call situations. The safety committee consider the development of preventative measures on a monthly basis, and the results have for example included a change in the type of safety glasses used. The equal treatment of employees and well as ensuring a healthy work environment are a part of the safety efforts at Lumon. 

What are we doing to ensure safety remains a top priority?  

  • Health and safety training as a part of onboarding processes  
  • Safety observation rounds conducted on a regular basis  
  • Monitoring of accidents on a country-basis and global basis 
  • Corrective measures meetings after the occurrence of an incident  

Safety work

Safety work belongs to everyone 

Safety work is based on safe working conditions and the support of safe working practices, as well as increasing awareness regarding safety matters. Prevention is the most successful when safety and health are taken into account well in advance. Successful safety work requires knowledge, skill, desire and thought, as well as planning, goals, monitoring and continuous improvements regarding safety. Lumon Group’s principles of safety are that each and every person understands his or her own safety responsibilities. The responsibility for ensuring the safety of daily work is divided between management, supervisors, workers, safety officers, and the occupational health and safety organization.  

We understand that safety is about caring for ourselves and for others. 

Lumon Group's operations in Finland are certified to the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSH). The Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OSH) system is used to manage OSH risks and improve the level of OSH activities. The OSH system brings a holistic approach and goal-oriented treatment of OSH and incorporates occupational health and safety issues into everyday activities. Globally, we follow the health and safety standards set by legislation in the specified area.  


  • A safe and comfortable workplace 
  • Reduction of work-related accidents (an accident-free workplace) 
  • Sick leaves to remain minimized  
  • Improvement of training practices for maximizing preventative knowledge  

Lumon worklife safet measures

Health and well-being at work

We support the health and well-being of our employees by providing employee healthcare benefits. Preliminary care efforts include collaboration with employee healthcare partners to conduct training sessions on ergonomics and other related healthcare-workshops.