Glass roof

The sky's the limit if you have a Lumon glass roof over your head. 

We have the glass roof you are looking for, both mobile, manual or motorized glass roofs, as fixed cover solutions. Learn more about our glass roof characteristics so that you can choose the one that most closely matches your needs. Contact our experts who will help you with everything you need.

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Lumon mobile glass roofs, the best option to make your project panoramic.

Lumon glass roof

Measure-made for penthouses, terraces, patios, porches or public places such as restaurants or hotels, the mobile glass roofs are spectacular.

You can choose the best matching colours of profiles and roof panels. See below.

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Lumon glass curtains and glass roof solutions. A seamless combination of style and functionality.

We have created customed made mobile covers both manual and motorized for your penthouse, terrace or porch. Our solutions will allow you to create a cosy, elegant, safe and secure space. The thermal efficiency of our glass curtains will surprise you, as well as the resistance to strong impacts.

We have designed unique profiles and glass roof sheets so that water is not a problem, you will not have leaks or accumulations of water on the roof. Discover all the features of our roofs:

Measures and tech-specs of our mobile glass roofs:

  • Maximum line (width): unlimited.
  • Minimum line: we have no limitations, but we don't recommend less than 0.80m.
  • Maximum output (clear span): 7 m *.
  • Minimum output: we have no limitations, but we don't recommend less than 1.3m.
  • Minimum incline: 10%

Mobile glass roof configurations:

  • 1 fixed panel and 2 mobile - 66% opening
  • 1 fixed panel and 3 mobile - 75% opening
  • 1 fixed panel and 4 mobile - 80% opening

Mobile glass roof functions:

Our roofs can be motorized or manual. In the motorized version, we use a toothed belt drive system that pulls the drive blade, all the panels move simultaneously.

Colours of the mobile glass roof structures and profiles:

As with our glass curtains, we use all the RAL card colours.

Whether you want to innovate or want something neutral, Lumon has the solution :)

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Fixed glass roofs. The perfect solution.

Lumon fixed glass roof

If you want an option that has a simple structure but with excellent resistance, a fixed roof for your project is an excellent option.

Fixed roofs, the ideal solution.

With our fixed covers, you can create great new spaces. They are the perfect addition to our Lumon glass curtains.
They have a simple structure but at the same time excellent durability and resistance.

Measurements of fixed glass roofs

Whatever space or measures, we can make your fixed roof look perfect. All our products are tailor-made, measured, designed and manufactured exclusively for you. We do not have ready-made products in any warehouse waiting to be installed. 

Fixed glass roof structure and profile colours

Tell us the colour you want and we make it a happen :)
Your Lumon glass cover can be of any colour. 

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