Sun shades and blinds

Our sun shades and blinds are custom-designed for your glass curtains, custom-designed for you. By Lumon for your Lumon.

They will protect you from the sun, help create a suitable temperature on your balcony or terrace and create intimacy in your home. They are designed by Lumon to be part of our terrace glasses. They are placed on each of the glass panels individually, without obstructing the functionality of the system.

One bright idea deserves another.

We designed the most bright glass curtain products ever. But sometimes you want them to be less bright.
That's why we designed the smart sun shades for the Lumon glass curtains

Our sun shades and blinds are the perfect add-ons to your glass curtains.
They prevent you from being seen from the outside and get more privacy, to regulate the ideal temperature on your balcony or terrace, to cover the sun when you do not want it but still letting the light in.

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Lumon blinds and shades