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Thousands of Spanish restaurants owners have already decided to install Lumon glass curtains in their restaurants all along Spain. Below some of them share their experiences. They have made a radical change, both to the aesthetics of their restaurant and to the profitability of it. Here you will find their testimonials, and you will know how they have grown thanks to Lumon.

Colette - Zaragoza

Cesáreo Alierta, 4
50008 Zaragoza
Phone +34 976 226 349

Colette restaurant Lumon

We had spent time thinking of creating an important terrace, something that would catch the attention. We were looking for something elegant that preserved the aesthetics of the restaurant.

By coincidence, a person who already knew about Lumon told me about you and gave us great references and we contacted you. I received a presentation of the project in 4 days and we literally fell in love with your proposal.

In this restaurant we have always had a terrace, it is a great area with a lot of pedestrians, there is no doubt that it is a direct point of sale. The problem was that we could not use it throughout the year. With the Lumon glass terrace we have gained 60 seats that we can use all year round and at any time of the day. We serve breakfasts, snacks, lunch and dinners. We wanted a terrace with an environment in which not only our customers had an aperitif, we also wanted to show our way of working, our differentiating element: our kitchen.

I would like to emphasize the buying experience and the offered service. Throughout the life of Colette we have made several reforms and I can say that Lumon is one of the few companies with which we have worked that have met the deadline and budget. They also gave us all the possible facilities: they presented the project in which I could already see how our terrace would be, which has become our main area.

The personal service is something that I would also like to highlight: from the manager to the assemblers through the sales reps, they have given us an excellent deal.

I recommend the Lumon product without any doubt, anyone who works with you can relax: your establishment will be in the best hands.

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CHE Pizza & Pasta - Madrid

Av. De Monforte de Lemos 36 | Local T01-B
28029 Madrid
Phone +34 917304406

Lumon Restaurant che

We decided to glaze our restaurant terrace because in winter we could not use it, we used it a lot in summer, but it was impossible in winter.

We began to look around and study other restaurants in Madrid to see what solution they had given to this problem, which was common to all restaurants. It was in the same shopping centre where we are where we saw both the glass terrace system and the folding mobile roof. It was the perfect solution since in summer we could open it all and in winter close it completely.

The entire purchase process was excellent. When we started with the installation, it was a complicated time due to the dates we were in, but Lumon made it and we had everything on the exact date when we needed it.

Once the Lumon system was installed, a curious thing happened with my customers. Everyone wants to be on the terrace. It is hard for me when I have the terrace fully booked to ask them to sit inside, even in winter.

It is a product that I totally recommend, right now, I do not know what I would do without the Lumon glass terrace of my restaurant.


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D 'Vinos y Copas - Málaga

Calle Cuarteles, 22
29002 Málaga
Phone: 951994597

Lumon Restaurant devinos

At first, I studied the possibilities offered by the space I had in my restaurant. I wanted to give my business more elegance and, most importantly, I wanted to save on the energy bill. Before I used gas heaters. Now we save a lot, both in summer and in winter.

I had known Lumon for quite some time because in Malaga and Marbella Lumon is very well known, and I have seen it installed in more businesses.

Apart from energy saving, for me, the elegance that this system brings to the terrace was essential. On the other hand, I was not allowed another type of product for the business that was not a frameless glazing system.

After installing Lumon the energy saving in my business is very significant, we see it every day. Customers who sit inside are very comfortable because they feel protected and at an ideal temperature without losing sight.

I recommend this product to eveyone who has a business, but also for homes, Lumon is the best in the market

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Finca de los Torreones - Torrelodones, Madrid

A6 motorway, service road, direction Madrid.
Exit 33, KM. 29
28250 - MADRID
Phone: 691 607 973
Email: info [at]

Lumon restaurant Madrid

We wanted to cover our restaurant terrace and a friend told us that in the office where she works, many of her colleagues did not stop talking about the Lumon glass curtains they had installed in their homes, they were delighted with them. So we entered the Lumon website to have more information.

A few days later, we went to the offices of Lumon with two of my brothers who are architects and we saw the quality of the product.

We already had this glazed space with a fixed system, but it gave us a lot of problems and Lumon surprised us since it is a system that can be entirely opened in an instant and it was just what we needed.

We also value the security that this system gave us, as well as the soundproofing, two essential aspects for us.

The word with which I would define my buying experience with Lumon is "magnificent", I do not have any "buts". They installed it the day, and in the exact time they told us without any problems, it was an excellent buying experience.

It has been worthwhile to have Lumon installed, first of all from the aesthetic point of view, it is very modern and elegant. Also from the practical point of view, having no vertical profiling the cleaning is easy. I repeat again, the soundproofing, there is no comparison with before installing Lumon, now our business is much more soundproof. If we think about the temperature inside, Lumon allows us to save a lot in energy costs. Both in summer and in winter, the terrace has the ideal temperature in a matter of half an hour, it is a product that has been worth me in every way.

I would certainly recommend it; I only have kind words about the system and the company.

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