Lumon 7T glass curtain system

Lumon 7T, ideal for full-height glazing with light, non-bearing structures

The Lumon 7T system has the weight on the lower profile. Ideal for use with wooden pergolas and in places where you don’t have a solid and bearing upper structure. In addition, Lumon 7T is a very versatile glass curtain system. Learn more below:

Easy to use. The first glass panel opens with the knob using only one hand, the rest of the glass units slide to the side occupying the minimum space. In addition, an elegant and reduced structure will provide an unobstructed view.

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The best tempered glass in the industry

All our glasses are tempered in our tempering ovens, the largest in Europe. With our special tempering, we get the highest quality and durability in the industry.

Testing tempered glass

Glass thickness of Lumon 7T

Depending on the characteristics of the space to be glazed, the thickness of the glass can vary. Lumon 7T has glasses of 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm thickness. Our experts will help you to know which one is perfect for your home.

Lumon 7T glass panel width

The glass width of all our systems is the widest in the industry. We work meticulously in each case and we design the glazing that best fits your needs.

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Height of the Lumon 7T glass curtains

As with the width, our Lumon 7T system has the highest tested glass solutions on the market. Ask us and find out what fits best on your terrace.

Aluminum profiles

Unlike a traditional enclosure or sunroom system, our frameless glass curtains do not have vertical profiles, which allows you to maintain the panoramic views of the space that surrounds you. 

Frameless glass curtains

Telescopic adjustable profiles

We have developed the easy-to-install telescopic profiles for all our systems to adjust any unevenness typical in most of the Spanish buildings.

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Glazing beads

In all our systems, the glazing beads included on each glass panel at the top and bottom are "mechanically clipped", which means that we do not need to drill the glass or use screws. This means greater durability of the system, better quality and of course, greater security.

Handles and knobs by Lumon 7T

Our handles and knobs are made of stainless steel and very elegant.

Handles and knobs by Lumon

Safety lock

In addition, you can choose between a single or double handle with the safety lock option.

Lumon 7T Opening

This system can be opened from inside and outside, and in- or outwards.

Lumon Colors

We have all the colors that the RAL card includes, as well as its anodized ones.

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Ventilation position

If you do not want to have the system completely closed or fully open, the ventilation position will get air in, but without bothering you. Ask us and discover everything you can create with the Lumon products.


Here you can see a video of how a Lumon works, the best way to understand it :)