Lumon 6T glass curtain

Lumon 6T. The most installed full-height terrace, sunroom and patio glass curtain.

L6T the frameless retractable glass curtain is our most stunning and elegant sunroom option. The floor-to-ceiling patio glass looks sleek and refined and provides a completely unobstructed view. To install, a horizontal aluminium profile is mounted into the ceiling, and a low-profile track runs along the ground. Tempered glass panes measuring 8, 10 or 12mm thick are then fastened to these profiles. 

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Lumon 6t in public spaces

A glass curtain glazing prepared to be in continuous movement, with a profile that can be embedded and with a great looking handle, that is Lumon 6T, ideal for passage spaces. Discover all the features here.

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Tempered glass in all our systems

At Lumon we produce all parts of the system ourselves. We cut, polish the edges and temper all the glass panels in our modern factories. We only use resistant and stainless materials, as well as a high-quality tempering to achieve greater durability and an inalterable aspect with the passage of time.

Thickness of Lumon 6T

We use different glass thickness depending on the needs of your terrace, from 8mm, all the way up to 12mm. Ask our experts to know which one is yours!

Testing templed glass

Lumon 6T glass screen width 

Lumon 6T has an amazing glass width up to 1 meter.  On the opening glass uni,t we reach all the way up to 1.20m.

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Height of the Lumon 6T glass curtains

Up to 3 meters high. Higher would be very difficult to manage and use.

Aluminum profiles

Our glazing has no vertical profiles, only one horizontal superior and one lower:

Telescopic upper and lower profile

To correct any possible unevenness of the floor and ceiling, Lumon has created the double telescopic profiles for L6T. Easy to install, elegant, functional and thanks to these innovations less maintenance in the future.

Embedded bottom profile

Embedded bottom profile

Lumon 6T is perfect for places of passage, among other things because of its embedded lower profile. Ask our experts who will give you further information.

Glazing beads

Our glazing beads are "mechanically clipped" to each sheet of glass with a Lumon-patented-solution. We do not need to drill or use any screws to fix or anchor the beads to the glass sheet. This increases safety and the quality of the system as a whole.

Handles and knobs by Lumon 6T

Easy to use, beautiful, Nordic-design-handles of stainless steel.

Handles and knobs by Lumon

Lumon 6T Colours

If the colour you're thinking of is in the RAL- colour chart, then we have it.

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Lumon 6T ventilation position

If you do not want to have the glass curtains completely closed but you need some air and ventilation, with Lumon systems that’s possible. The ventilation position will allow you to have an intermediate position between completely closed and completely open.

Wall fixing

We have the wall fixings for when the system is with all or some glass panels open or retracted. This will prevent the glass elements from moving with the wind and colliding with each other.

Safety lock

Lumon 6T has an optional security lock. 

Lumon 6T Functioning

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