Lumon 6 system

Lumon 6. The perfect floor-to-ceiling glass curtain.

The strong Lumon 6 is designed for full-height glazings and is ideal for the most demanding applications where the wind load is high. 

Here you will find some features of the Lumon 6 system. 

Lumon 6 full-height

We always use tempered glass. In Lumon 6 as well.

We have the largest glass curtain tempering manufacturing in Europe. We only produce for ourselves and do that with the highest quality. That´s why we can rely on the glass quality in extremely cold areas such as in northern Finland and in warmer places such as ours in Southern Spain.

Lumon 6 Glass thickness 

Depending on different factors, both our custom-made software and our experts will advise you on the thickness of the glass suitable for your glazing. Lumon 6 has thicknesses from 8mm up to 12mm.

Lumon tempered glass

Lumon 6 glass width

We customize each glazing including all the elements such as design, type of balcony or terrace, system openings, glass width, numbers of glass units, structures, etc.

In Lumon you will find the widest glass panels on the market for glass curtains. We design your project before the manufacturing and installation thoroughly so that the outcome is perfect.

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Height of the Lumon 6 glass curtains

As with the glass width, we have the highest tested glasses on the market. We design the project always including all the calculations.

Aluminium profiles

The main difference between our glazing and the traditional enclosures is the absence of vertical aluminium profiles, which is what makes the Lumon systems special. To be able to install them on the balconies and terraces, it is necessary to have a strong upper and a lower profile, both horizontal.

Telescopic upper profile

All our glass curtain models can be installed with a telescopic upper profile. It allows us to adjust the unevenness of the slab or the building over time.

Embedded bottom profile

Do you want to place the Lumon 6 in an entrance? You can embed the lower profile, so it does not bother at all. We have the perfect system for you.

Lumon 6 embedded

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Glazing beads

The glazing beads are the aluminium profiles that are mounted on the top and bottom edges of each glass unit. Our patented way of fixing the glazing beads to the glass enables us not to use screws or drill any of our glass panels. This increases the quality, safety and aesthetics of the product. In fact, the way of fixing the beads to the glass is one of the most important security issues when talking about frameless glass curtain resistance.

Lumon handle

They are made of stainless steel and of extreme quality.

Lumon handles and knobs


We use the entire RAL- colour card. You can also choose from the anodized colours. Ask our experts for more information.

Ventilation position

Lumon systems can be placed in the ventilation position. You have an intermediate option between having the system fully open or closed.

Wall fixing

On windy days when all the glass panels are open and folded on one side, the use of the wall fixing is essential, to avoid the glass panels from moving around.

Safe for children

Our handles have a special optional children lock. You can leave the system locked in the ventilation position.

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How to use and maintain?

See the video below or visit the page how to use and maintain.