Lumon 5 glass curtains

Lumon 5. The perfect glass curtain for your balcony.

Lumon 5 is the perfect product for half-height glazing. Whether on a low wall or the railing. Fits perfectly on any balcony. Also available as a full-height alternative that can be installed, for example, on the inside of the surface rail. 

Lumon 5. The most popular glass curtain system on the planet. 

With Lumon products, you will be able to create a new life on your balcony and enjoy it all year round. We have a team of experts willing to work with you to ensure that our solutions fit perfectly with the look and feel of your home.

Lumon 5 on railing

Below some further information and characteristics of our Lumon 5 glass curtains, for more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Tempered glass: Safety first and foremost.

All our glasses are tempered in our ovens, achieving a high-quality tempering. Tested in different laboratories and in real life on 1 million balconies around the world. From the extremely cold Lapland to the burning Spanish heat. 

The thickness of Lumon 5

Depending on the height of the glass, the floor of the building, or the wind in the area, you can choose between 6, 8, 10mm glass thickness.

Our software created and designed specifically for Lumon products together with our experts will tell you what thickness is suitable for each balcony. In case we need thicker glass, we have Lumon 6 for that.

Lumon tempered glass

Lumon 5 glass width 

We have the widest glass panels on the glass curtain market. Vital aspect when talking about the functionality of the glass curtain systems. As with the thickness of each glass, we work meticulously to choose the ideal glass width depending on each balcony and each project. We take into consideration the type of the balcony to be glazed, where the openings will be placed, the number of glazed balconies in the same block to control the total weight on structures, etc.

Height of the Lumon 5 glass curtains

The height of the Lumon 5 glazing will depend on each balcony, something you should not worry about when buying Lumon.

Aluminium profiles

As you know, our glazing differs from a traditional enclosure mainly due to the absence of vertical profiles, thus leaving room for elegance and unobstructed views. The system will be installed and fastened thanks to the high-quality upper and lower profiles together with the unique fastening mechanisms of the Lumon glazing beads.

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Telescopic upper profile

Our Lumon 5 model has what we call a telescopic upper profile. It is a structural profile that allows us to correct the unevenness of the slab or the building itself over time.

Glazing beads

The glazing beads are the pieces of aluminium that are placed on the top and bottom of each glass unit. In Lumon, we have a unique and patented way of fixing the glazing beads. We do not use screws or drill any of our glass panels, increasing the quality, safety and aesthetics of the product. As a matter of fact, the way of fixing the beads to the glass is one of the most critical security issues when talking about frameless glass curtain resistance.

Lumon 5 handles

Nordic design and stainless steel handles and knobs of the highest quality, both for systems of floor to ceiling and half-height versions.

Lumon handles

Profile colours

We use the entire RAL- colour card. You can also choose from anodised colours. Ask our reps for more information.


Our systems include a ventilation position, highly appreciated by our customers because sometimes you just need some more air to breathe.


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Wall fixing

On windy days when all the glass panels are open and folded on one side, the use of the wall fixing is essential, to avoid the glass panels from moving around.

Safe for children

Our handles have a special optional children lock. You can leave the system locked in the ventilation position.

Lumon children safety lock

Built-in draining

The Lumon 5 system incorporates draining in the lower profile.

How to use and maintain?

See the video below or visit the page how to use and maintain.


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