Lumon product line

Meet the Lumon product line up

Because no two balconies or terraces are the same, a "one-size-fits-all" strategy is not the most suitable.
With this in mind and to meet the modern requirements, we have designed several models of glass curtains. Whatever the shape or size we have a customized solution. 

Security was the first thought. Not an afterthought

While glass may suggest something delicate, our glass curtains are designed and tested to stand up to strong winds and harsh conditions—while still looking sleek and elegant.

Designed for everyday life. Tested accordingly.
The Lumon glass curtain systems are extremely resistant to wind and impacts. We were the first company in Europe to get the CE-marking for its balcony glazing systems. As a matter of fact. We set the standard. As a Scandinavian company, safety and security is not an option. It´s a standard. All of our solutions are analyzed and tested. We do not improvise or apply homemade inventions.

In great design, the beauty is in what you don´t see.
Discover our systems below and see why what you don´t see is just as important as what you do.
All our glass curtain systems are fully retractable and very easy to use.