Lumon porch enclosures provide many benefits, including more living space, reduced maintenance and repairs, energy savings and safety. 

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Porch enclosures expand outdoor living space

Our glass porch enclosures in Toronto (and everywhere in Canada) can open during warm weather and close during windy, rainy or cold conditions. Even though they’re not thermally sealed, the glass walls provide enough protection from the elements to make the most of your outdoor living space.

In addition, because they’re made of glass, these enclosures allow light to penetrate your home to keep it bright and sunny, unlike non-transparent enclosures. 


Porch enclosures protect building facades and outdoor furniture

The added protection of our porch enclosures means less wear and tear from birds, detritus, wind, rain and snow on your porch, building facade, and outdoor furniture.

Porch enclosures provide added safety

A closed and locked porch enclosure provides children with a safe place to play. Pets also love these enclosures. It allows them to experience the smells and sounds of the outdoors without running the risk of accidental falls. 

WIth the lock option, our porch enclosures are an accessible place to store bikes and sports equipment safe while also keeping them within easy reach. 

The Lumon wall of retractable glass has turned our seasonal patio into a room that we are thoroughly enjoying. The Lumon glass walled patio has offered us a space that is dust and insect free, warmer or cooler, with spectacular forest views, and also a room with ambiance and atmosphere.

— Patrick D. from Coquitlam, BC

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