Patio enclosures backed by decades of research

Our patio enclosures are the result of more than 35 years of research and development. Right from the beginning of our patio enclosure business in Finland, we have remained responsive to customer wishes and needs. Today, more than one million customers around the world and across Canada from Vancouver to Toronto will vouch for how stylish, invaluable, and easy to use our patio enclosures are.

The Lumon wall of retractable glass has turned our seasonal patio into a room that we are thoroughly enjoying. The Lumon glass walled patio has offered us a space that is dust and insect free, warmer or cooler, with spectacular forest views, and also a room with ambiance and atmosphere.

Simply put, it has added an extra entertainment room to our living space, and our friends and family are constantly enjoying the space created all year round. 

Best investment we could have made. It enhances square footage while making the space usable any day of the week, all year long.

– Patrick D. from Coquitlam, BC

Fulfilling your vision for your patio enclosure

We listen to you. Your home is unique, and so are your particular needs and your personal style. Our representatives use their thorough product knowledge and technical experience to help you create the custom patio enclosure that you've always dreamed of. And we love seeing the dream that you have for your patio become a reality!

Lumon staff were friendly, respectful, knowledgeable and great to work with. From the get-go, Lumon took the time needed to understand our vision. Lumon took our vision and executed it amazingly. We are so happy with our project. If we had any concerns or questions along the way, staff responded promptly and sought resolutions respectfully, addressing our needs right away.

The "wow factor" is there, and our neighbours have taken note. Thank you, Lumon! Trust, security, and design were key elements in who we were looking to hire, and you certainly delivered.

– Dan & Sam C. from Langley, BC


We manufacture our patio enclosures in Canada

Our custom patio enclosures are produced at our world-class manufacturing facility in Vaughan, Ontario, just north of Toronto. Interested in how they're made? Feel free to stop by and have a look, or call ahead to request a tour of the plant! 

We handle every aspect of your patio enclosure order, from manufacturing through to installation. Our team will ensure that you are satisfied every step of the way. 

Very hard working and professional crew! Good production installation.

Rick & Ellen S. from Surrey, BC

Patio enclosures tested around the world

With our roots in Finland, you can trust the product's performance in extreme temperatures – after all, our patio enclosures have been satisfying customers in Scandinavia's climate for decades. From the hot summers in Toronto to the rainy seasons of Vancouver, our patio enclosures are designed to excel in all kinds of weather conditions throughout the whole year. 

Lumon wants to continue be a forerunner in the patio enclosure sector. To this end, our own product development department allows us to remain on the cutting edge of research and development, while offering state-of-the-art patio enclosures that fulfill architectural and customer-specific requirements. Lumon patio enclosures are proven products that have passed a wide variety of inspections.

Environmentally responsible patio enclosures

Sustainable development and respect for nature are essential to Lumon. The glass and aluminum that we use in our products is fully recyclable. Moreover, production material remnants are recycled to produce new products. Find out more.

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