Patio covers expand your home to the great outdoors

Patio covers are about more than simply protecting your deck from the elements. Patio covers are about possibility. About getting more out of your home and your backyard. 

Patio covers let you get a head start on your garden. Patio covers let you host summer barbecues at a moment's notice, without having to worry about whether there's a little rain on the horizon – or a lot.  Your backyard will no longer be the overflow location for the parties you host, but rather your first choice for every major event. 

We want to help you transform your backyard into your favourite place in your home. To help you create a space where you can spend even more quality time with the people you love – whenever you want.

Patio covers let you take control of those moments, so you can focus on enjoying that quality time, instead of worrying about the details.

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Patio covers offer protection

While patio covers are about more than just staying out of bad weather, that protection is a great benefit. Canada experiences all kinds of weather extremes. Patio awnings let us keep enjoying the outdoors even longer, no matter what the weather throws our way. 

If the scorching summer sun is beating down on your patio in Toronto or Hamilton, our natural light patio cover lets you avoid those damaging UV rays while keeping your sun deck airy and bright. 

Endless winter rains in Vancouver or Abbotsford don't have to put a damper on your outdoor plans. A glass patio cover protects your outdoor living space with elegance and style, like the patio awning in White Rock, BC pictured below.

No matter the weather, Lumon has you covered – literally. Find out more about the benefits of having a covered patio, or read reviews about our patio coverings from past customers. 

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Customized patio covers that work for you

We offer customized patio covers to ensure that your patio awning matches your home and your unique style. Discover what different patio cover options are available to you, like wood beams and tinted glass or acrylic. 

Our patio covers can be also installed in a wide variety of settings. From patio covers that mount onto the roof to patio covers that attach to the fascia or exterior wall, we'll make sure that the patio awning fits seamlessly with the design and engineering of your house. And that it looks great! 

All of Lumon's patio covers can be fully or partially enclosed as sunrooms, if you're looking for shelter from wind, bugs, and debris as well as the rain or heat. The patio covers can be enclosed now or at a later date, so you can feel confident in setting long-term goals for your outdoor living space, and get started on your outdoor living season today! 

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