The easiest way to find the best balcony enclosure option for your home is to book an appointment with one of our sales consultants by calling, emailing, or connecting with us through our website. You can also find us at home shows and other events in your area.

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Our consultations are free

These consultations are no obligation and free of charge. Our sales consultant will come to your home to measure your balcony, demonstrate the product, and discuss different options with you.

All of our retractable glass products are carefully engineered and designed to meet building codes and zoning restrictions. Our sales consultants understand the permit application process and will work closely with you to get the permits that you need. Each home is unique, and we will design the technical solutions on your balcony in order to understand what solution you need.

Once you’ve made the decision to add an extra to your home, the glass will be custom-made at our production plant according to your unique requirements, and our installation team will come to your home by appointment to install your brand new balcony glass system. The rest – furnishing, decorating, and enjoying your transformed balcony – is up to you!

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Price for a balcony glass system

Because the balcony glass is always tailored to your specific house and needs, the price depends on many things. Asking for a free cost estimate and planning the assessment visit will bring you much closer to your dream balcony.

Contact us through the link below and find your local sales consultant. We are pleased to be of service and help you in any way possible.

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All of our products are CCMC-approved, and our team will work closely with you to ensure that you get strata approval.