Balcony glass is a beautiful way to transform your house or condo balcony into a useable space you can enjoy in comfort for many months of the year.

When wind, rain and cool temperatures threaten to keep you and your family inside, our balcony glass can be closed to create a bright and comfortable solarium with unobstructed views. On warm summer days, you can slide the retractable glass open fully or partially as you wish. 

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We'll work with you to secure strata council or condo board approval

We have a tremendous depth of experience in securing permitting and approvals. We can provide your board with requested documentation and speak to them directly on your behalf to make the approval process go smoother.

Balcony glass windbreaks are not permanent enclosures

Because our balcony glass is retractable, it isn't considered a permanent balcony enclosure and doesn't count toward gross floor area.

I certainly see the Lumon balcony glass system as an attractive option for owners or strata corporations looking for a way to improve energy conservation or to simply maximize the use of outdoor balcony space all year round.

— Jamie A. Bleay, President of the Canadian Condominium Institute, Vancouver Chapter

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