Make your patio or balcony the favourite place in your home

Want to spend even more time relaxing on your patio? Protect it with an elegant patio cover, sunroom, or balcony glass system. Lumon gives your patio or balcony new life, keeping the harsh weather away. Let your outdoor living space become the place you've always dreamed of. Party venue? Art studio? Playroom for the kids? The possibilities are endless!

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Our house value has definitely increased with our covered patio and added living space. Quality of life has also improved. The "wow" factor is there and our neighbours have certainly taken note. Thank you, Lumon. Trust, security, and design were key elements in who we were looking to hire and you certainly delivered.

– Sam C. from Langley, BC

Whether you're worried about high winds on your condo balcony, losing sleep from traffic noise in Toronto, or tired of being kept indoors by the endless rain of a Vancouver winter, Lumon has a solution for your home. 

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So what exactly is retractable glass? 

Elegant design. Unobstructed views. Protection from the weather. Reduced noise. Added security.

Retractable glass is all of these things and more.

New to Canada, Lumon's glass system for patios and condo balconies is functional and innovative. The frameless glass slides along a track and can fold entirely open. Watch the video below to see how!


Enjoy your patio or balcony space all year round

Can you imagine enjoying your patio or balcony no matter what the weather is? A sunny breakfast enjoyed in the early spring, a cup of tea curled up in your favourite armchair watching the rain come down, a romantic candlelit dinner on an autumn evening, a few kilometres on your exercise bike sheltered from the ice and winter winds... these are just a few of the infinite possibilities a space like this can offer. 

With Lumon, the patio can become a space where you have control over the four seasons – where spring arrives earlier and winter much later. Create a special area in your home that you can enjoy whenever you wish! Who actually said that we need to get out of our comfort zone?

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We have now had our window glass enclosure installed for several months. We've had some strong winds, measured up to 100 km/h. On windy days, we keep the glass windows shut and we can still be on the balcony, as if it was a calm day. That is wonderful. Sure, we can hear the wind blowing, but we are outside in comfort. We love our glass enclosures.

– Bengt L. from Toronto, ON

Solutions for architects, condo developers, restaurant owners, and more

Lumon's innovative balcony and patio systems are also well-suited for restaurant patios, new condo developments, and building renovations. 

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