We have over 35 years of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing glass for balcony renovations and new construction

We manage every step of the process, supported by the deep knowledge and experience that comes over three decades of research and product development. Our uncompromising dedication to quality, design and engineering is evident in all our products—and we have over a million customers around the world who would agree! 

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Our glass for balcony renovations is CCMC approved

Lumon balcony glass is CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre) approved and has received EU CE marking. In addition, our balcony glass system has been awarded European Technical Approval (ETA-06/0019).

Not a balcony enclosure

Our glass for balconies keeps out wind, rain, and debris without creating an enclosure. Because our balcony glass can be opened or closed, it doesn’t alter each condo unit’s total square footage.

Negative carbon footprint

We’re a green company that takes environmental responsibility seriously. We also meet LEED standards.

Our balcony glass is free of many toxins and made from highly recyclable materials like glass and aluminum. We’re proud to say our balcony glass has a negative carbon footprint

When installed, our glass for balconies can also reduce energy consumption significantly—up to 18.3% in Vancouver, for example. 

Our balcony glass is manufactured in Canada

We produce balcony glass for Canadian architects, property managers and developers in our world-class manufacturing facility in Vaughan, Ontario, just north of Toronto.

Because we’re located right here in Canada, we understand Canadian regulations and local permitting processes. We’ll work closely with you and your renovation team to get the required permits and approvals. 

This product sells itself. The aesthetics and functionality – it all works. I had the Lumon retractable balcony glass system installed at my North Shore high rise condo several years ago and was delighted with the result.

— John H. from Burnaby, BC

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