Lumon is the solution for your renovation needs!

Lumon balcony glazing is an investment for the housing company that brings many benefits. A glazed balcony brings practicality to the homeowner, protects the balcony structures and increases the value of the apartments. It is advisable for a housing company to purchase balcony glazing at one time for the entire building to benefit from the benefits of scale.

Facade renovation - either remodeling or respecting the old look of the condominium building

Balcony glazing is easy to acquire at the same time for the entire condominium. The procurement process is easy for the customer and the installation is possible all year round. The appearance of the condo building is ensured by a well-kept and modern look thanks to the balcony glazing. Older property rejuvenates in the eyes.

The old balcony façade can be refurbished to match the style of the building by upgrading the balcony railings and integrating the balcony glazing. The size of the balcony remains the same, but the railings, the new glass panels and details give a new look. Our standard solutions are tailored to individual balcony solutions and real estate in different periods. 

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Here is why you can trust Lumon with your renovation needs:

1) Balcony glazing increases the usability of the balconies of the condo units considerably. Glasses protect both the balcony and the furniture from weather variations. The balcony structures are also protected. The use of the balcony is no longer limited to beautiful summer days. The homeowners can enjoy the balcony 12 months a year!

2) The glazed balcony raises the value of the apartment. The whole facade of the house can also be found thanks to the balcony glazing with a modern and modern look. 

3) The glazed balcony helps in energy savings. The balcony glazed brings clear financial benefits in terms of energy savings. 

4) Regular maintenance and warranty policy of the balcony glazing ensures that the glazing remains intact, safe and beautiful throughout it's lifetime. Lumon guarantees five-year service safety for replacement and original components and system functionality for its glazing systems. 

5) It is easy to get the balcony glazing at the same time for the entire condominium. A carefully thought-out process is easy for the customer, and the installation is possible all year round. 

With Lumon, product development, design, sales, manufacturing and installation needs are catered to all under the same roof resulting in a smooth process from start to finish. We have over one million satisfied customers worldwide who have benefitted from our reliable and high quality end-to-end project cycle




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