Why Choose Balcony Glass for Your Renovation?

Protection and savings made simple with balcony glass

Our balcony glass in Hamilton, Toronto, Vancouver and Victoria (and elsewhere in Canada) provides protection and long-term savings on maintenance and repairs. It helps to protect condominium balconies and building envelopes from premature damage from pigeons, wind, rain, snow, sun and other harsh elements.


Improved curb appeal

Balcony glass can not only improve the structure of building envelopes, but it also has a sleek and inviting curb appeal.

Your building’s residents and owners will love the improved functionality and comfort of having a protected balcony space that they can open to the elements when the weather is fine and close when the weather is poor. They’ll also love the added safety it provides for children and pets.

Reduced energy usage and noise levels

Multiple studies on our balcony glass enclosures show that adding our retractable glass to your building reduces your overall energy consumption significantly. 

In addition, our balcony glass can reduce noise levels by 50%!

We have now had our window glass enclosure installed for several months. We’ve had some strong winds, measured to up to ~100km/h. On windy days, we keep the glass windows shut and can still be on the balcony, as if it was a calm day. That is wonderful. … In summary, we now have a balcony that is usable for almost 10 months of the year. We love our glass enclosures.

— Bengt L. from Toronto, ON