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Property owner and investor - with glazed balconies, the life cycle cost of a property is significantly reduced

Glazed balconies are a useful acquisition for end users as well as real estate investors. With glazing, the life cycle cost of the property is reduced significantly, the lifetime of balconies doubles and the value of the property rises. Apartments with glazed balconies also have the desired rental property, which affects the occupancy rate of the apartments.

Glazed balconies significantly reduce the life cycle cost of the property

Balcony glazing transfers the need for balcony repair for up to ten years and one of its major advantages is its protection for balcony structures. The structures of the balconies are often concrete and without the glazing the concrete surface will decay much faster. On a glazed balcony, the relative humidity is lower and the temperature is higher than outside the glazing. Glazing also keeps rain and water away from the balcony. As a result, the concrete structures remain drier. The balcony glazing thus relocates the need for balcony repair for up to ten years. Typically, a non-glazed balcony is renovated every ten years, while glazed balconies, in turn, require renovation every twenty years. The balconies thus glazed provide clear savings in renovation costs.

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Energy saving with glazed balconies

Glazing the balcony supports energy efficient, environmentally friendly thinking. Average heating energy savings are around 5% per year. The temperature on the glazed balcony is on average five degrees warmer than the outside air, which affects the amount of heat loss, thus saving energy. Most of the balcony glazing benefits from the 1970s Helsinki building, whose balconies are facing south and the supply air is taken through the balcony. Energy saving naturally brings cost savings.

Balcony glazing protection for balcony structures combined with energy savings significantly reduces the life cycle cost of the property.  

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Did you know? Average heating energy savings are around 5% per year.

Glazing improves the utilization rate and increases the attractiveness of the property

The glazed balcony is a comfort factor that makes living in comfort. The benefits of glazing are remarkable: the glazing of the balcony adds extra space to the apartment all year round; The rented apartment on the glazed balcony is the desired destination, which also affects the occupancy rate of the apartments and the tenants' permanence. Permanent leases and higher rent levels naturally appeal to a residential investor. Bring a new selling point to your dwellings and let the balconies on your real estate!

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Choose the Lumon Balcony Glasses - a high quality and reliable choice

Lumon's balcony glazing is a reliable and reliable choice for both new and renovated properties. We offer easy-to-use, durable and timeless products that are suitable for the most demanding tastes. Choosing Lumon's balcony glazing allows you to make sure that the quality of your product is first - glass is the result of long product development and decades of experience. The process in your own hands, from product development and design to manufacturing and installation, ensures the satisfaction of both you and your end customers. More than one million satisfied customers worldwide cannot be wrong.

As a forerunner, we have developed desirable, stylish and durable products. We want to ensure that our products bring joy to their users for a long time and that is why we also offer a professional and high-quality service for our products. Regular maintenance of balcony glazing improves the life cycle of the product, the service life of the serviced balconies is over 30 years.

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The benefits of glazing balconies:

  • Reduce property life cycle costs
  • Brings clear energy savings
  • Significantly prolongs the interval between balconies
  • Brings clear benefits for residents, helping to improve housing utilization
  • Improve the property's desires
  • Helps improve housing utilization

A glazed balcony can cost itself up to ten years.

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Also remember the standard equipment of the glazed balcony, the sunshades

When glazing the balcony, it is advisable to obtain sunblinds to protect from the worst sunshine and to bring privacy to the balcony. Sunscreen curtains are becoming standard on the balcony, which is the easiest way to get to the balcony during glazing installation. 

Not only do sun protection curtains provide protection from the sun and prying eyes, they also bring unity to the whole house's facade - if they are placed on the balconies of the entire condominium. When every balcony has a matching sun protection solution, the street scene and the house facade harmonize. So keep the facade of the property in the sleek and timeless sunshades and also bring considerable comfort to the end customers.

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Did you know that up to 70% of end-users would choose sunshades for their balcony if they could make a difference?

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