Welcome to a new era in glass balcony railings in Toronto, Niagara, Victoria, Vancouver and elsewhere in Canada! Our glass balcony railings have no vertical posts, which gives them a sleek and minimalist look.

Architects and developers around the world have been demanding balcony railings with minimalist Scandinavian design. And these railings deliver!

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Blurring the line between indoor and outdoor

These frameless glass balcony railings surfaces blur the line between inside and outside. With no vertical posts to distract or block your view, these railings allow light to penetrate the home and create an elegant, seamless and sophisticated feeling. 

Unobstructed balcony views for up to five metres

How is it possible to construct a safe balcony railing that reaches up to five metres without vertical posts? It’s a feat of modern engineering, backed by research, development and product testing.

The railing is supported by horizontal stabilization. Both ends of the railing are fastened to balcony walls, which creates the load-bearing structure. As a result, the lower glass frame of the railing system needs only minimal load-bearing capacity and can be attached with a lighter fastening.

Lumon's windbreak balcony glazing is designed to work perfectly with our balcony rails if a greater windbreak is desired. 

To learn more, take a look at our design tools and technical reports

I certainly see the Lumon balcony glass system as an attractive option for owners or strata corporations looking for a way to improve energy conservation or to simply maximize the use of outdoor balcony space all year round.

— Jamie A. Bleay, President of the Canadian Condominium Institute, Vancouver Chapter

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