In 35 years, Lumon has installed over 500,000 balcony glass walls and a large number of glass balcony railings as part of new construction projects and balcony renovations

Made of tempered or heat-soaked frameless glass panes, our balcony glass walls slide along a track and fold completely or partially open for protection from wind, rain, birds and other elements.

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Balcony glass walls provide weather and windbreak protection

In many buildings, balcony use is limited by rain, wind, cigarette smoke and noise. Our balcony glass walls make balcony spaces much more comfortable and functional—and are a great selling feature.

Balcony glass walls protect building exteriors

Our balcony glass walls (also commonly called balcony glass or balcony glazing) help to protect and extend the life of your building, reducing repair and maintenance costs. 

Protected areas don't count toward gross floor area

Because our balcony glass walls are fully retractable (i.e. they can be opened and closed), they don’t create a permanent enclosure—and therefore don’t count toward gross floor area.

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