Lumon Balcony Glazing Virtual Tour

Balcony glazing as a concept might sometimes be difficult to explain; you just have to experience it! By visiting our Virtual Balcony Glazing Tour, you can see and feel how balcony glazing lifts up the entire apartment. In addition to that, it also adds living space, protects the balcony, improves safety, saves energy and much, much more.

Experience the feeling of a Lumon glazed balcony through our amazing virtual tour! By entering the apartment below - virtually -  you can take a look at how the balcony becomes a natural part of the apartment when completed with Lumon glazing. You can experience the coziness of frameless and fully retractable Lumon balcony glazings systems around you, regardless of the weather or the noise from the street below.

You are warmly welcome to enter our balcony! You can 'install' Lumon glazings by clicking Lumon logo and see how it affects the lool & feel of the whole apartment. After that, just take a step to the balcony and enjoy.

lumon canada virtual tour of balcony enclosure instructions

Are you using a mobile device? Click here for our mobile-friendly Lumon Balcony Glazing virtual tour! 

Feel free to try out the Lumon Balcony Glazing on this Virtual 360o Tour: