How We Work

Vast experience of design and building of balcony glazing systems and balcony facade

We at Lumon have gathered a vast experience of design and building of balcony glazing systems and balcony facades in various new construction and renovation projects. Today we are a world leader in frameless glass sliding doors, with over a million customers around the world. This gives us a huge experience of everything that has with balcony glazings to do.

And we want to share that experience with our clients. We want to remain close to our customers and listen to them. We want to do everything we can to satisfy them. We want to have an open dialogue with our stakeholders. We also conduct regularly customer satisfaction surveys and invite feedback to see how we’re doing and how we can improve our actions.

Well designed and well installed – no matter the size

Requirements and needs vary between different kind of projects. To find the aesthetically, technically and economically best solution in each case requires co-operation between different parties to be able to cover all different aspects and viewpoints in the process.

As a partner, we need to understand the end user, the people who live in the apartments. We need to understand the developer who takes care of the building project and the investment. We need to understand the architect who has a vision, and the construction company who is executing the plans, the engineers who have certain requirements.

To fulfill all that, we have built our Lumon team to cover all that expertise, from the planning phase to the completing the building or renovation project. Our goal is to be as good as we can in the communication between all different parties.

Over the years, we have also automated a significant part of our processes to achieve the best possible quality at every stage of the work. We have established our balcony façade design, manufacturing and installation process for architects and property developers. We do our best to make sure that everything goes smoothly, from start to finish. Our technical consultants will work closely with you to ensure that our balcony glazing solutions fit your building's unique look and style.

Our biggest motivation as a team is to accomplish projects that are well designed and well installed, regardless the size of it. We take our commitments to our customers, employees, partners and the environment seriously.

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Own design and product development guarantee quality products

From the very beginning, we have believed in our own design and product development, as they bring a lot of mutual benefits both to us and to the partner. We have all the steps our own hands:

  • product development
  • design
  • sales
  • manufacturing
  • installation
  • after-sales service

We are pleased to offer architects, engineers and developers expert service and support through all stages of your project. We also offer design tools and technical documents to assist you. Our goal is to find the aesthetically, technically and economically best solution in each case. In addition, we’ll provide you with any research and test results you may need for our glass sun rooms and balcony rails.

Our design consultants work closely with you and your team to ensure a smooth balcony renovation, from start to finish. Our process consists of providing product-specific simulations and technical solutions as well as details about pricing and deadlines to ensure your balcony façade project goes smoothly. Our projects always include precise product measurements, railing designs, strength and resistance calculations, production and installation plans, drilling drawings, and product-specific technical details so that the time devoted to planning and installation is reduced to minimum. We also provide DWG files and material for AutoCAD users, Revitool for Revit users, and a GDL object for ArchiCAD users.

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Lumon after-sales service gives you 5 years of safety for your glazed windows

We also bear our responsibility for our products throughout their life cycle. This can be seen in the fact that we want to make sure that every site finishes smoothly in the agreed schedule. We care about the project and we offer complete service to ensure a safe, efficient and durable installation product with expert advice and quality checks. Primary care for glazing is recommended after the first five years, after which the maintenance interval is five years.