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A construction site works like clockwork. The procedures and processes can be planned as long as all the vendors work well together. If one fails - no matter how small - it can lead to a serious disruption that ultimately paralyzes the entire process: the construction site comes to a standstill. Unfortunately, this has happened on numerous construction sites over the last year. As a reliable partner, Lumon ensures that the construction process runs smoothly. Delivery reliability and adherence to agreed deadlines are key aspects for any project for Lumon.

The challenge: scarcity of resources

But what is the reason behind failure to ast on timelines for some vendors? The answer is: resources are becoming scarce. It is worth taking a general look at world events here. The global scarcity of natural raw materials is caused by various factors. One factor is that our population is growing and with it the demand for food, energy and materials. We live in a consumer society in which many things are demanded and consumed in abundance. These include raw materials that are only available in limited quantities. This favors climate change, which is another driving factor in terms of resource scarcity. Innovative solutions for the generation and use of renewable energies are needed more than ever.

Let's talk about resource scarcity in construction industry

Back to the clockwork site. The construction industry is one of the most resource-intensive sectors of the economy. In Germany alone, 517 million tons of raw materials are used every year. It is obvious that the lack of material here in particular has severe consequences. And this is progressing rapidly: In June 2021, the IFO Institute reported that 43.9 percent of building construction companies are having problems obtaining materials as agreed. That's twice as many as in April. At that time, 23.9 percent had complained about such delays. The biggest shortage is currently in wood, plastic and steel. The reasons for this are both scientific and economic. The current shortage of wood is primarily the result of the most recent forest fires in the USA, a serious beetle infestation in Canada and fundamentally changed framework conditions for exports and customs. The shortage of plastic and steel is due, among other things, to numerous downtimes in production plants due to the corona pandemic. Because of the virus, production capacities had to be drastically shut down worldwide. Almost at the same time, however, the demand for building materials has increased significantly. Similar to the population, an interesting phenomenon could also be observed in the economy - the "toilet paper effect". Companies began to hoard inventories of materials. This in turn led to an even greater shortage of building materials. The superordinate clockwork of the construction industry came to a standstill - the otherwise typical on-time purchase and delivery of materials are hardly feasible for many companies.

Efficient use of energy and material

It is therefore important to ensure that sufficient resources are still available in the future so that all clockworks can work reliably again - including those in the construction industry. Scarcity of resources is combated through the intelligent and efficient use of resources. This can be successfully achieved by addressing two areas: energy and material efficiency. Both aspects reveal enormous savings potential. Lumon has also recognized this and takes both aspects into account both in the manufacturing process and in the product application.

Energy efficiency at Lumon

Gebäudeverglasung von Lumon
Energy efficiency is a top priority at Lumon: stylish building glazing regulates the energy requirement

Integrated balcony glazing was therefore developed, which helps to minimize the energy requirements of buildings . These have a modern and stylish look and efficiently regulate heat consumption . The intelligent glazing turns the balcony into a kind of "thermal buffer" between inside and outside: On cooler days, less cold gets into the living area from outside. At the same time, less heat is lost from the inside to the outside. This saves heating costs, which also benefits the environment. The glazing also ensures that the available solar radiation is used more efficiently and the rooms behind it require less heating power.


Material efficiency at Lumon

Lumon Verglasung
Lumon glazing is made from recyclable materials such as glass and aluminum.

The second key to resource efficiency is the conscious use of materials. Lumon uses up to 95 percent glass and aluminum for the glazing . The two materials are particularly environmentally friendly because they are almost completely recyclable. In addition, 95 percent of glass and aluminum waste is reused in the manufacture of new products. Lumon products are therefore not only made from high-quality recycling material and are therefore as resource-saving as possible. In addition, the latter are particularly durable and automatically extend the maintenance intervals on the building. For owners, this means that there is less need for renovation of their property. In order to work even more resource-efficiently, the glazing is always custom-made - the material waste is thus drastically reduced. Lumon has designed its processes in such an environmentally conscious manner that energy and capacity are also saved. At the same time, the experts from Lumon can respond to the wishes of investors, builders and planners in the best possible way with the help of the tailor-made glazing. No matter how big the project is - an optimal, individual solution is created. State-of-the-art software programs and robots are used in production. These make it possible to reduce production surpluses to a minimum. In addition, Lumon uses a mix of only sustainable materials and post-consumer packaging to package its products, specifically recycled for new uses. As a reliable manufacturer and partner in the field When it comes to balcony glazing , it is very important to Lumon to keep its own CO₂ footprint as low as possible.

Lumon as a reliable supplier

Even in challenging times, we remain a reliable partner. For the innovative balcony glazing from Lumon, no other raw material is required apart from the resource-saving materials glass and aluminum. As a result, there are no disruptions in production due to material shortages, and consequently no delays in projects. In addition, Lumon maintains long-term relationships with material suppliers. All of this enables timely planning, even in times that are difficult to predict. Lumon's experts always offer investors, builders and planners the greatest possible support throughout the project process.

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