Lumon is now on BIMObject!

Digitalization has made a breakthrough in the construction industry. For example, the industry has already adopted the most advanced information modelling systems. The greatest benefits arise when all operators work together for a common goal. This also involves finding and standardizing product information, and BIM is an excellent way to achieve this.

Originally developed for product design, BIMObject helps manage data encompassing the entire life cycle of a construction process in digital format. Most importantly, it gives architects and designers comprehensive opportunities to use ready-made product objects in their design work with precisely the right dimensions.

Lumon glazing products are also available as BIM objects. This enables you to download product data and objects for Lumon Glazing and Lumon Railings (with or without support posts). You can then import them directly into your own design tools, such as Archicad or Autodesk Revit, simplifying your work at the very outset of a design project while you are still looking for an optimal glazing solution for your site. I am continually creating new objects. For example, roofing and curtain products will be added to the Lumon BIM library in the future.

Handy video clips allow you to gauge the suitability of various products for your site, checking model test results, impact tests and durability.

Here are some benefits of using Lumon BIM objects:

  • Easily locate the most suitable glazing objects and associated product information for a site at the very start of the design process
  • Upload precise dimensions for your site, which will automatically adjust as those dimensions change
  • Enjoy easier, faster and more accurate design work
  • Cooperate with various suppliers from the very outset of a project

The use of BIM objects is sure to grow rapidly in the near future, so it’s great to be a pioneer in developing the Lumon BIM library. Our plans include developing dedicated objects and Families for Archicad and Autodesk Revit. We are also updating our own design guidelines, where you will soon find our DWG files and many other design resources.

So now is the time to begin tracking Lumon BIMObjects and ensure your immediate access to our latest product information!

“Buying BIM software is like buying a membership in a fitness club. Having the card in your pocket does not make you fit, it only enables you to start exercising!”

Oskar Lindström
BIM-Development Specialist
I have been working with 3D and BIM for over 5 years, participating in various broader and more specific development projects. I am currently preparing a University of Applied Sciences Master’s thesis on the subject of “How to extract the correct data from a BIM-model”.