The Lumon retractable glass system keeps rain, snow, wind, dust and birds away from the balcony. Our balcony enclosures can be customized for almost any balcony. It protects the balcony’s inner surfaces and structures, and thus lengthens maintenance and repair intervals. It also reduces noise and saves energy. Lumon’s frameless retractable balcony glass creates a solarium that is stylish, secure, and easy to use. Enjoy your balcony space all year round!

Transform your balcony

Our balcony enclosures can transform your unused balcony space into your favourite place in your home, all year round. On windy, rainy, or cool days, keep the glass closed for a cozy and comfortable solarium with unobstructed views. Slide the retractable glass open easily for fresh air on those beautiful summer days.

CCMC approved

Lumon is CCMC-approved, and we work together with you to ensure that you receive approval from your condo board as well. Our frameless retractable glass is the only balcony solution that keeps out wind, rain, and debris without permanently enclosing your balcony, so you can enjoy your transformed balcony without worrying about zoning restrictions. 

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