How Lumon's Referral Program Works

Referral Program

              We reward our satisfied customers who look to share a good word about Lumon to their family, friends and community! As a thank you for referring someone to Lumon, we will send you a gift card worth $150 to a variety of restaurants! We appreciate the support that you provide us when you spread word of Lumon Canada or show off your beautiful enclosure or patio cover to your friends and family.

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How it Works

              You have received a referral certificate inside your Lumon welcome package from your design consultant. If you would like another referral card, please fill out a contact form below! We accept only original cards, no facsimiles or copies. Please complete the certificate by entering your name, address, phone number, email and adding the interested home owner’s contact information. The interested homeowner should present the certificate to the Lumon Canada representative during their initial consultation! Once their project is complete and payment is collected, we will send you the $150 dinner gift card! This is a long standing promotion; you can  request additional referral certificates directly from your local Lumon representative or through our contact form!

Contact Us and Request a Referral Certificate

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