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More interesting architecture with balcony glazing and balustrade

Balcony facades, balustrade and balcony glazing, play an important role in the appearance of apartment buildings and they open new possibilities for architecture. Balconies are an essential part of the modern living experience, and understandably, they show up on the façade as they should. In many ways, balcony façades can be seen as a face of a residential building. They are the eyes and ears of apartment buildings showing their nature as human living environment.

A lot of room for imaginative design

New build design in principle starts from scratch. What kind of balcony façade to create on a blank paper? Of course, there may be clear restrictions set up in the master plan, and economical factors are always part of the design process. But, how to set out the balconies in the façade? What kind of rhythm and surfaces to create? Within the parametric Lumon balcony façade system amazingly different architectural images can be created for an apartment block. Classic and simplistic? Discreet and withdrawn? Or expressive and wild? As transparent as possible, or not? Colourful or not?

There is no right or wrong here. But the versatile Lumon product palette for balcony façade design is available and it leaves a lot of room for imaginative design, no matter what the design approach is.

Façade makes the difference

Design approach in renovations projects is interesting. Naturally, it’s always a about technical improvements on the existing facade, better insulation, energy savings, choice of sustainable and healthy building materials. But of course, it’s not only about technical solutions. What to do about the architecture? Should the outer appearance of the building remain as close to the original as possible? Is a moderate facelift the best choice? How about a radical modern approach without paying what the building once looked like? There is no right or wrong answer to this or course. Architectural evaluation of the existing building is always, but mind should also be kept open for something different, something better. More than anything else, its’ the renovation design of balcony façade where the important architectural choices are made. Good architectural design with help of Lumon balcony façade product can be achieved, whatever the chosen design approach is.

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Glazed balconies are a great add-on to modern housing

The comprehensive Lumon balcony façade systems consist of elegant and modern profiles and solution possibilities. It’s a result of vast experience in the business and string product research and development in close cooperation architects and other professionals in building industry. Modern glazed balconies are a great add-on to modern housing, adding value to investors, apartment occupiers, and architecture of urban living environment. We are happy to be part of creating this together.

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