On June 7th, 1990: The First Ever Lumon Frameless Balcony Glazing Was Installed

The first ever Lumon frameless balcony glazing was installed 30 years ago on 7th June 1990. Since then a balcony has never been just a balcony. Today over 1 million customers worldwide have discovered and converted that useless open area to a functional and elegant extra room. To a better place to relax, dine, work, play with kids or just enjoy. To a better balcony. To a better home.

The company’s other owner installing the first Lumon glazing in Kouvola Finland

As pioneers, we at Lumon, have created a huge variety of innovations in our business sector. We have firmly believed in the aesthetics and the many benefits of the frameless balcony glazing solutions from the very beginning and still do.

We would like to express our humble thanks (or as we say in Finnish - "Kiitos") to all our customers, stakeholders, co-workers and all the others around us that also think that the frameless balcony glazing is the best solution for the balcony.

30 years is a beautiful beginning. But just that. The beginning.

We are Lumon and we create Better Homes.