Monday, July 24, 2017 to Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lumon, green building design, Vancouver GCAP, Vancouver 2020 green initiatives, Vancouver green building code, energy savings, reduce carbon emissions

Vancouver is hosting PAQS 2017, North America's premier conference on sustainable development. This year, the focus of the conference is green building design and construction. Join us at the Westin Bayshore, where our retractable balcony glass and balcony railings will be on display. 

Respect for the environment is an essential part of our philosophy and product development. Our balcony glazing meets LEED standards and contributes substantially to a building's LEED certification. Extensive research at the Tampere University of Technology in Finland has demonstrated that balcony glazing lowers a building's energy usage by up to 18.3% in Vancouver and 15.9% in Toronto and reduces carbon emissions. (Full reports are available upon request.)

This same care for the environment is visible in all corporate departments: R&D, production, assembly, and administration. We make full use of recycled materials and also recycle them ourselves. Durability and recyclability are central factors in our product design, together with such basic matters as usability, appearance, and safety.

Thanks to latest generation software programs and sophisticated robots, we can minimize production offcut, sort the surplus, and deliver it to recycling centers. New Lumon packages enable us to optimize the load size and reduce transportation needs, which results in decreased fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, we use chrome-free paints for the painting of aluminum profiles. 

We're looking forward to participating in the conversation about eco-friendly building design and construction at PAQS 2017, and working together with industry partners to create sustainable development in Vancouver.